Volume 25 Issue 6 - December 20, 2013
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Yueh-Min Huang
A ubiquitous English vocabulary learning system: evidence of active/passive attitudes vs. usefulness/ease-of-use
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Effects of Stroke Rehabilitation on Incidence of Poststroke Depression: A Population-Based Cohort Study
Chia-Ling Wei
Design of an Average-Current-Mode Non-Inverting Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter with Reduced Switching and Conduction Losses
News Release
NCKU Press Center
NCKU launches leadership program to nurture future elites
NCKU Press Center
NCKU hosts exhibition to feature works by young emerging artists
News Release
NCKU Press Center
Groundbreaking ceremony for NCKU Biotechnology Teaching Building
NCKU Press Center
NCKU professor uses e-learning platform to reform teaching methodology
NCKU Press Center
US’s New England legislative delegation visits Taiwan’s NCKU
NCKU Press Center
University of Southampton, NCKU sign MoU to foster academic cooperation
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Editorial Group
NCKU launches leadership program to nurture future elites
NCKU Press Center
[Tainan, Taiwan, December 3, 2013]
The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Leadership Program for the Future Elites started from 2003 is one of the most distinguish programs in the university, which has drawn much attention on campus and many participants of the leadership program claim their growth is evident.

Dean of NCKU’s College of Engineering Dr. Pao-Shan Yu revealed that the program offers 30 students across NCKU the knowledge and attitudes to develop certain vision necessary to be successful in a leadership position with more than 150 hours of interdisciplinary study.

The goals are to help students think provocatively about what it means to be a leader and why training with a vision of leadership is crucial for them, Dean Yu added.

In this academic year, a total of 27 students are selected from a great number of applicants. They are students from a variety of different areas including engineering, material science, civil engineering, and urban planning.

Dean Yu also said, the program aims to develop leadership skills among students through a tailored curriculum which immerses the students in English Technical Writing, issues on WTO and global trade, entrepreneurship and leadership lesson debates.

Another attractive feature of the program is the three-week overseas visit to the United States.

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