Volume 24 Issue 9 - September 13, 2013
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Chuan-Pu Liu
Enhancement of Green Emission from InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Wells via Coupling to Surface Plasmons in a Two-Dimensional Silver Array
Article Digest
Chao-Chieh Lan
A Pan–Tilt Orienting Mechanism With Parallel Axes of Flexural Actuation
Pei-Luen Tsai
Everyday Memory in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
Chen-Feng You
The origin and migration of mud volcano fluids in Taiwan: Evidence from hydrogen, oxygen, and strontium isotopic compositions
Cheng-Liang Huang
Dielectric Properties of High-Q (Mg1-xZnx)1.8Ti1.1O4 Ceramics at Microwave Frequency
News Release
NCKU Press Center
NCKU’s professors received the 2013 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award
NCKU Press Center
Taiwan’s NCKU president visits Turkey’s universities to boost up academic cooperation
NCKU Pree Center
Taiwan’s second experiment facility for earthquake engineering set up at NCKU
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Editorial Group
NCKU’s professors received the 2013 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award
NCKU Press Center
[Tainan, Taiwan, September 9, 2013]
As the 2013 list of winners of the National Science Council’s (NSC) Ta-You Wu Memorial Award has been officially released, young teaching staff from National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) has performed tremendously well, with Associate Professor Shu-Chin Grace Kuo from the NCKU Department of Law, Asssociate Professor Yueh-Nan Chen from the NCKU Department of Physics and Associate Professor Cheng-Ta Yang from the NCKU Department of Psychology receiving the award.

NSC has set up the Ta-You Wu Memorial Awards to nurture young and upcoming researchers, offer grants to future national researchers for committing to long term research as well as commemorate Mr. Ta-You Wu’s great contributions to research and development in science and technology.

Every year, each academic unit will pick outstanding researchers among special topic research plan moderators who are 42 years old or below and hold the position of associate professor, associate research fellow or equivalent positions within the year of review. From then on, 40 outstanding young scholars will be chosen by the review committee to be given the award.

Each award winner not only will research medals and cash award, they will also be given the opportunity to propose a multi-year (two to five years) special topic research plan under the regulations of NSC and the award winner’s academic career planning.

NCKU Department of Law Associate Professor Shu-Chin Grace Kuo, who graduated with a PhD degree in law from Northwestern University in U.S.A., specializes in legal anthropology, identity law, gender and law, civil law and others. Her research focuses on how Taiwanese law knowledge systems and applications can affect each other, as well as ways to respond legal questions in the context of social development in Taiwan.

Associate Professor Kuo was of the opinion that such research direction can make contributions to the implementation of judicial practice knowledge in the context of law and society in Taiwan, as well as initiate theory-based dialogue of academic research in the world of international law and sociology.

“Winning the award is also a responsibility,” Associate Professor Kuo stressed while showing gratitude for the help, inspiration and encouragement she received during her tedious research period.

In the future, she wishes to integrate the area of traditional law into the research of the law discipline and ensure mutual understanding of inter-disciplinary research in law, so as to reach an acceptable solution for disputes and come up with reasonable procedures which can appease all parties and lighten the mood between people in cases of dispute.

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