Volume 22 Issue 1 - April 13, 2012
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NCKU, CUHK to boost academic cooperation
NCKU Press Center
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NCKU, CUHK to boost academic cooperation
NCKU Press Center
[Tainan, Taiwan, 5 April 2012]
Agreements on academic cooperation were reached between Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) when a senior NCKU delegation paid a visit to the latter on April 2.

The NCKU delegation, led by NCKU President Hwung-Hweng Hwung and including a vice president, deans of four colleges and directors of five national research centers, was the largest and covered the most fields during his term of office, with a concrete purpose to forge a solid relationship between the two universities and two territories in elevating their respective levels of higher education, according to Hwung.

Hwung said that through face-to-face interactions, leaders of the two universities have discussed in details academic cooperation as they extended their connections top-down from university to college level, covering areas such as energy technology, engineering, international finance, Min Nan (southern Fujian) culture, medical education and contagious diseases.

CUHK President Joseph Jao-Yiu Sung said, NCKU is a key global partner for CUHK to promote their international profiles and the partnership will strengthen the collaboration among the academia, industry, and government in Hong Kong and in Taiwan.

The two schools agreed to hold the 10th Asian New Humanities Net (ANHN) Annual Meeting from Nov. 2-4 at NCKU, southern Taiwan, on the theme of Asian Humanities and Higher Education to investigate the development of Asian Humanities Education and Asian Humanities Research.

NCKU and CUHK had also reached a consensus on Min Nan culture research, Chung-Hsiung Lai, dean of the NCKU College of Liberal Arts, said.

With a view to extending the cooperation in Southeast Asia, a Taiwan Research Center will be established at CUHK while a Min Nan Culture Research Center will be organized at NCKU in the future, Lai added.

In addition, both universities resolved to focus their medical cooperation on the research of infectious diseases and premature babies, said Chyi-her Lin, dean of NCKU College of Medicine (NCKUCM).

Like NCKUCM, CUHK Faculty of Medicine had put special emphasis on Humanities and endeavored to reform medical education, Lin added, and Ping-Chen Hsiung , CUHK dean of Arts, was scheduled to visit NCKU to attend Taiwan Medical Courses Seminar held by NCKUCM in May.
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