Volume 19 Issue 9 - September 23, 2011
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NCKU Press Center
NCKU Bags 2011 Taipei Biotech Award
NCKU Press Center
Famed Japanese Scholar to Lead NCKU Materials Science Research Center
NCKU Press Center
NCKU Fire Lab Receives World Certification
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NCKU Fire Lab Receives World Certification
NCKU Press Center
[Tainan, Taiwan, September 20th, 2011]
The Fire Lab for Photovoltaic under Fire Protection and Safety Research Center at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) received certification from U.S.-based Underwriters Laboratory on September 20, becoming the second laboratory and the only one outside the U.S. to have achieved the honor.

The certification means that in the future, domestic factories can do all sorts of fireproof experiments in Taiwan without having to send bundles of testing objects to the United States.

“As various safety standards become increasingly stringent, it is unusual for National Cheng Kung University to receive the certification from Underwriters Laboratories. NCKU Fire Protection and Safety Research Center has cooperated with UL since 2001. I believe the honorable recognition will lead to further success for both parties,” said Ralph Tang, General Manager of Consumer Products, UL Asia Pacific.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent, non-profit product safety certification organization that has been testing products since 1894. It tests more than 18,000 types of products annually, and more than 17 billion UL Marks appear on products each year. Worldwide, UL’s family of companies and its network of service providers include 55 laboratories, testing and service facilities.

UL develops standards and test procedures for products, materials, components, assemblies, tools and equipment, focusing on product safety. It also evaluates and certifies the efficiency of a company’s business processes through its management system registration programs.

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