Volume 11 Issue 8 - December 4, 2009
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Transmitting Truth, Goodness and Beauty through Mentoring: an interview with Assistant Prof. Yu-Lu Liao, Department of Chinese Literature
Yung-nane Yang
Dysfunctional Technology Governance in Southern Taiwan
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Teh-Lu Liao
Synchronization of a modified Chua's circuit system via adaptive sliding mode control
Pao-Chi Liao
A Strategy for Determination of in vitro Protein Acetylation Sites by Using Isotope-labeled Acetyl Coenzyme A and Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry
Tai-Yue Wang
An inventory control system for products with optional components under service level and budget constraints
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Chuan-Feng Shih
Zinc Titanates Sintered from ZnO and TiO2 Nanowires Prepared by Hydrothermal Process
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Chi-Chuan Hwang
An Introduction to Jade Comes From Stone
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Mr. Michael O'Sullivan Visited NCKU on Nov. 16th
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Transmitting Truth, Goodness and Beauty through Mentoring: an interview with Assistant Prof. Yu-Lu Liao, Department of Chinese Literature

2008 Academic Year NCKU Outstanding Mentor Award Interview
Interviewer: Chia-Jung Lin, Counselor for Students with Special Needs
Student Counseling Division, Office of Student Affairs

The quality of mercy is not strain'd,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath

--The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare

Sitting in Prof. Liao's serene office where sunlight shed from the right side window, with some chuckles and sighs during the interview, the unique quietness reminded me of the quietness in my childhood home where I could only hear the tick tuck from a wall clock, just like the rhythmic and steady foot steps progressing forward.   
It is pleasant to listen to Prof. Liao's talk. As a scholar of contemporary drama, there is a gentle energy in her words, subtle and not spilling over. She said that she accepted this interview because she wants to express her gratitude for the faculty and students from the Department of Chinese Literature, especially Chairperson Yi-Yuan Chen. "The most rewarding part from work is the support and encouragement among colleagues…many professors in our department care deeply about the students, and the colleagues interact respectfully and trustworthily. I also feel our students more empathetic and genuinely respect the teachers. This attitude is cultivated by our department culture." Concerning mentoring, "In our department, there is a class mentor in charge of class affairs, and several small group mentors tutor students in study and counsel them when they have personal questions. Perhaps due to the large class, it is harder to know students individually, and we usually respond to their needs passively. So I prefer to act as a small group mentor, because thus you have one-on-one talk with students, and the closer you are to their lives, the better you'll know their views." At this time, unexpectedly, Prof. Liao smiled and said, "I wonder what I could say if I need to address a whole class in a class meeting!"    

In the 2009 Outstanding Mentor Award recommendation form, Prof. Liao stated her mentoring ideas succinctly, "Firstly, talk to students from your heart, and spend time to listen to them talking about their troubles, then even if you cannot work out a concrete solution, students can feel your sincerity. Secondly, I let students know that though I'll only be their mentor for one year, our friendship can last for a lifetime. After graduation, when they start working or go to graduate school, if they are in trouble, they can still come back 'home' to talk to me." Prof. Liao genuinely wants to get closer to students, and meeting and talking to her makes me feel as happy as if being caressed by heavenly drizzles.      

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