Volume 10 Issue 7 - September 18, 2009
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Da Hsuan Feng
Welcoming Speech - Taiwan City Pre-Congress Seminars and International Conference, 2009
The Development and Sustainable Growth of the Historical and Waterfront City
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Hua-Li Jian
A Comparative Study of Learning Motivation among Engineering Students in South East Asia and Beyond
Kuangyou B. Cheng
The mechanisms that enable arm motion to enhance vertical jump performance—A simulation study
Yean-Kuen Fang
The Pd/TiO2/n-LTPS Thin Film Schottky Diode on Glass Substrate for Mass Market Hydrogen Sensing Applications
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"Show the Warmth and Touch the Heart" President Lai Met Parents of Freshmen on September 12
"The Whole New World"
NCKU 2009 International Freshman Orientation
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Welcoming Speech - Taiwan City Pre-Congress Seminars and International Conference, 2009
The Development and Sustainable Growth of the Historical and Waterfront City
Da Hsuan Feng

Senior Executive Vice President and Interim Vice President for R&D, National Cheng Kung University

The honorable Hsu Tain-Tsair (許添財市長), Mayor of Tainan City, the honorable Budiarsa Sastrawinata, President of INTA (and a member of Indonesian Parliament), distinguished international members of the panel discussion from Poland, UK, Germany, France, United States and Japan, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Da Hsuan Feng, and I am the Senior Executive Vice President of National Cheng Kung University.

I want to thank all my colleagues in the College of Planning and Design who are instrumental in organizing this very critical conference. Serendipitously, it also happens at one of the most exciting times for the region.

Since there is real-time translation in this conference, please allow me first to use Chinese to express NCKU's deep felt appreciation to Mayor Hsu.

(The following is in Chinese.)
Mayor Hsu, this is certainly one of the most exciting times for Tainan City (台南市) and Tainan County (台南縣). Just a few days ago, these two administration entities, representing nearly two million people, have been amalgamated and upgraded. Within a year, this region shall assume the stature of a "Municipality (直轄市)."

Ever since at the end of the Ming Dynasty the national hero Zheng Cheng-Gong (鄭成功) landed in Tainan nearly 400 years ago, the entity "Tainan" has taken on profound historical proportion that is second to none in Taiwan. It certainly makes Tainan one of the most important centers for the ubiquitous Min-Nan culture (閩南文化) in the entire Asia Pacific region, from two shores (兩岸) to Southeast Asia.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that my university is the only one in the world that carries the name Zheng Cheng-Gong.
Building on this deep cultural heritage, there is no doubt that ever since Tainan became formally a city 36 years ago, this transformation that happened two days ago is a history making monumental one. There is no doubt in my mind that in the coming decades, there will be unimaginable and heart throbbing changes occurring in this Municipality.

For this change, Mayor Hsu, I represent National Cheng Kung University, whose entire campus sits within your city, to express our deep gratitude to you and your colleagues. We know that for the past several months, you and your colleagues have poured much of your "heart and blood" (心血) in making this a reality. We know that without the colossal effort of you and your colleagues, this exciting reality will only be a mirage.

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