Volume 8 Issue 9 - May 15, 2009
National Cheng Kung University Intellectual Property (I.P.) Task Force Mission Statement
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Yunchan Chi
Interval Estimation of Binomial Proportion in Clinical Trials with a Two-Stage Design
Yeong-Her Wang
Blending of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) poly(styrenesulfonate) with poly(ethyleneimine) as an active layer in depletion-mode organic thin film transistors
Ching-Chuan Huang
Abrasion Damage of Geogrids Induced by Turbid Flow
Jiu-Yao Wang
The functional insufficiency of human CD4+CD25high T regulatory cells in allergic asthma is subjected to TNF-α modulation
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Sheng-Shu Hou
Interactions between Poly(N-vinylformamide) and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate As Studied by Fluorescence and Two-Dimensional NOE NMR Spectroscopy
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National Cheng Kung University Graduates Evaluated as Best Hiring Choices by Taiwanese Businesses
ITRI and NCKU Collaborate on Biomedical-Device Related Technology, Highlighting the Innovative Research of NCKU in Southern Taiwan
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National Cheng Kung University Intellectual Property (I.P.) Task Force Mission Statement

NCKU Intellectual Property Task Force members (from right to left):
Secretary Han-Dong Hsieh (Legal Division, Secretariat Office), Associate Professor Chung-Hsin Hsu and Assistant Professor Chun-Jen Chen of Institute of Law in Science and Technology, Mr. Guan-Chang Chin of Secretariat Office
Owing to the collective efforts of the elite faculty of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), for years over fifteen hundred elite researchers at NCKU have generated a considerable amount of research results of great commercial value and of international significance and influence.  While attracting the attention of both domestic and global scholars and practitioners, NCKU stands tall in the international communities and at an unprecedented speed starts forming academic ties with numerous internationally renowned universities and research institutes through collaborative and exchange programs.  In order to safeguard those research results which are not efficiently managed and even unprotected due to the lack of awareness of intellectual property rights, and in order to respond to the urgent need of NCKU when building up its international leadership, it is significant to promote intellectual property awareness and to research on the international and domestic intellectual property laws.

Accordingly, an NCKU I.P. task force consisting of two faculty members of the Department of Law, Professors Chung-Hsin Hsu and Chun-Jen Chen, was established to enhance the reviewing process of the academic collaboration and exchange agreements of which NCKU is a party and furnish consultation and assistance with respect to intellectual property laws in August, 2008.  Its primary tasks are summarized as follow:

  1. To review the contracts, memorandums of understanding, letters of intent and other intellectual property related agreements between NCKU and other international and domestic academic institutes;
  2. To provide legal opinions and consultations with respect to intellectual property laws;
  3. To assist the university administration to adopt the measures of intellectual property management;
  4. To conduct sessions and courses of intellectual property laws;
  5. To hold the annual forum of intellectual property law development; and
  6. To render and facilitate the university administration processing intellectual property related matters.

Besides, to ensure a timely and efficient reviewing process, a legal document reviewing procedure is adopted.  NCKU administrative offices, colleges and departments who would like to have their academic collaborative and exchange agreements reviewed may submit them to the Office of Research and Development and the Office of Secretariat, Legal Division; the two Offices will then forward them to the I.P. Task Force. Legal opinions and recommendation on further amendments will be rendered to be considered by the submitting parties with a view to seek for the balance between the rights and obligations of both contracting parties and to facilitate the academic collaborations and exchanges between NCKU and other research institutes on a mutually beneficial basis.  Moreover, the I.P. Task Force is determined to promote the intellectual property awareness, to prevent intellectual property infringements to protect the interests of NCKU.

Contact information:

I.P. Task Force: Professors Chung-Hsin Hsu (56123); Chun-Jen Chen(56132)
Office of Secretariat, Legal Division (50034 & 50025)

NCKU I.P. Task Force I.P Documents Review Flowchart

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