Volume 8 Issue 8 - May 8, 2009
Da Hsuan Feng
"Fire Hose and Mouse Model": Three Days of Information Overload in VirginiaTech
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Chuan-Hung Chen
Flavors and Phases in Unparticle Physics
Tsang-hai Huang
Dietary supplement of onion decreases ovariectomy induced bone loss in rats
Mei-Ling Tsai
Proteomic analysis of proteins from bronchoalveolar lavage fluid reveals the action mechanism of ultrafine carbon black-induced lung injury in mice
Hsin-Ying Lee
Growth of GaAs Oxide Layer Using Photoelectrochemical Method
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From the Notion of Xing to an Aesthetic of Contrasting – Focusing on the Exploration of Xia Yu’s Poetry
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NCKU Professor Honored with Distinguished Engineer Award
NCKU Ranks Top in 2009 Taiwan ESI Statistics:
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"Fire Hose and Mouse Model": Three Days of Information Overload in VirginiaTech
Da Hsuan Feng

Senior Executive Vice President, National Cheng Kung University

April 13-16, 2009

Many years ago when I was still a graduate student, I took a course from a brilliant professor whose lectures were delivered with “speed of light.” A fellow classmate made the comment that the amount of information flowed from the instructor to the students can best be portrayed vividly by the vision of “sticking a fire hose to the mouth of a mouse!” Well, my recent three days exciting visit of VirginiaTech in Blacksburg, Virginia is best characterized by this vision!

I must take this opportunity to thank two of my hosts, Dr. John E. Dooley, Vice President, Outreach and International Affairs and Dr. Laynam Chang, Dean of the College of Science who were instrumental in organizing my visit. I promised Dr. Dooley that I will introduce to him his NCKU’s counterpart, Dr. Jenny Su. Both are “high energy” and “creative” in their approach to 21st century “international affairs” for universities and therefore can surely find ways to collaborate on a win-win basis.

I am also grateful to Dr. Fred Lee, VirginiaTech’s University Distinguished Professor and Director of Center of Power Electronics Systems for his hospitality. Dr. Lee is an outstanding alumnus of NCKU’s Department of Electrical Engineering! As I mentioned to several colleagues in VirginiaTech, Dr. Lee is NCKU’s contribution to VirginiaTech!

I also want to thank Dr. Y. A. Liu, Frank C. Vilbrandt Endowed Professor Chemical Engineering for the gracious hospitality he and his wife extended to my wife and me. Although Dr. Liu is not an alumnus of NCKU, we did find out that his wife is my brother-in-law highschool classmate in Hong Kong! The world is really small!
Photo with the International Affairs Director John E. Dooley (right) and Dean Laynam Chang of College of Science (left)

Something about VirginiaTech and NCKU academic structures

VirginiaTech is one of the many “land grant” universities in the United States.  It was established in 1872 as one of the “agriculture and mechanical” colleges. Hence its genesis, broadly speaking, is “engineering.” By a closer examination of the structure of VirginiaTech, I found there are remarkable similarities of the two universities. The show the similarity vividly, I designed the following table:
Original Name
Virginia Agriculture and Mechanical College.Tainan Technical College.
A state universityA national university
Students population
Undergrad: 23,000
Grad: 7000
Undergrad: 11,000
Grad: 11,000
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • College of Architecture and Urban Studies
  • College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  • Pamplin College of Business
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Natural Resources
  • College of Science
  • Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
  • College of Bioscience and Biotechnology
  • College of Planning and Design
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Social Science
  • College of Management
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • College of Sciences
Medical school
Virginia Tech, Carilion Clinic will create joint medical school in Roanoke (founded in 2007)College of Medicine (founded in 1983 ). COM of NCKU has two full service affiliated teaching hospitals.

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