Volume 7 Issue 9 - March 6, 2009
Interview with Prof. William W-G Yeh, a Recipient of 2008 NCKU Outstanding Alumni Award
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Interview with Prof. William W-G Yeh, a Recipient of 2008 NCKU Outstanding Alumni Award

Written by Hsiu-Hsien Kuo, 98 Class, Department of Civil Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
Date: January 8th, 2009
Place: Conference Room, Department of Civil Engineering


In the beginning of a new year, Prof William Yeh, graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering (CE Dept.) in 1961, conferred the 2008 NCKU Outstanding Alumni Award, returned to the Department and was honored in the Alumni Lecture Room. He gave a lecture to share his abundant academic and life experiences. After lunch, invited by Prof. Tungyang Chen, Chairperson of CE Dept., Prof. Yeh accepted an interview from members of CE Dept. Student Union. Prof. Yeh, being supportive and kind, answered all questions and made sincere suggestions. I write down this elevating experience to share the joy of broadening horizon with you.      


Speaking of his education, Prof. Yeh said that after leaving NCKU for many years, once thinking of her he missed her more with gratitude. He wanted to thank NCKU for having laid a solid academic foundation for him. In the beginning, he studied in the field of engineering management. Then he transferred to study in the field of civil engineering. At that time, in the fourth year, students were grouped roughly by academic specialty: hydrology, geotechnical engineering, structure engineering, transportation engineering, and environmental engineering, etc. Before graduation, students were clear of what they wanted to pursue. Prof. Yeh said that he had never thought of a “plan B”. He simply embarked on the academic career which he firmly believes in. 
President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai conferred the 2008 NCKU Outstanding Alumni Award to Prof. William Yeh.
Prof. William Yeh is a gentleman who always smiles while interacting with people.
At that time, to study abroad for advanced degrees was not easy. Challenged by language and culture, he worked harder to make continuous breakthroughs to make his dream come true. To strengthen one’s communication proficiency in a foreign language, Prof. Yeh recommended us to excel in writing and speaking. Through real life encounters, one would become aware of the trivia and differences between cultures. One should also learn to adapt to and fit in another culture.

Prof. Yeh smiled during the whole interview, which was warm and impressive. We believe the humble attitude is a key factor which summons good and smooth interpersonal relations for him.
(from left) Prof. Wen-Teng Wu (Dean, College of Engineering), Prof. William Yeh, President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai, and Prof. Tungyang Chen (Chairperson, CE Dept.)

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