Volume 7 Issue 3 - January 9, 2009
Michael M.C. Lai
A Letter to NCKU Students from President Lai
Article Digest
Fong-Gong Wu
Observation threshold of cellular phone represented angles and its related factors
Chia-Ling Wei
A Study of Stray Minority Carrier Diffusion in CMOS Image Sensors
Y.-C. Chao
Structure and Stabilization Mechanism of a Microjet Methane Diffusion Flame Near Extinction
Wei-Min Zhang
Non-Markovian entanglement dynamics of noisy continuous variable quantum channels
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Kung-Chao Chang
Distribution Patterns of Dendritic Cells and T Cells in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphomas Correlate with Prognoses
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Two Winners of National Innovation Award from NCKU
NCKU Maps Blueprint for Kinmen’s Development
Editorial Group
A Letter to NCKU Students from President Lai
President Michael M.C. Lai

Dear Students,

In recent weeks we have been hit by several cold fronts, reminding us that it is indeed winter! After the New Year’s Day, the semester is about to end, and the Chinese Lunar New Year is coming! In the bleak winter and end of the year, may I remind you to keep yourself as healthy as you can!

Winter is an intrinsic element of the four seasons, while the world economy is also facing a disastrous bleak winter! Taiwan is a member of the international society and cannot be exempt from its impact. Many businesses either cut salary, impose holidays without pay, even lay off employees, or go bankrupt. It’s not hard to imagine how severe the situation is! According to the data of our students’ application for loans and various grants, it is obvious that a lot of our students’ families are impacted by the economic downturn!

As an intellectual and as NCKU’s President, I feel as anxious about the situation as everyone! I am especially concerned about you and your family. If you can handle this adversity yourself, NCKU is always by your side. If you are in trouble for any reason, NCKU will help you out! NCKU offers numerous scholarships and grants (including Outstanding Academic Achievement Scholarships, and other financial aids), work-study and assistant jobs. NCKU will increase budget on these financial aids if necessary to help everyone through this troublesome period.

In addition, if you’re hit by unexpected circumstances and cannot cope with them, please visit NCKU’s financial aids webpage:, or discuss with your mentor or other faculty; they will help you solve your problems. We do not want to see any NCKU student drop out because of financial problems. I understand that some students are too proud or shy to ask for help! But I urge you that facing difficulties head on is the right attitude! In this unsettling period, NCKU can provide you with what you need to move on because you are a member of this big family! Besides, some students are graduating and may not be able to land a job, and some graduates are unemployed. To help them, we are working out some plans and we will announce them very soon.

A western saying goes like this, “an optimistic person will invent an airplane, while a pessimistic person will invent a parachute”. Indeed, it is the outstanding NCKU alumni, generation after generation, who make NCKU a top university and the most valued school by industry. We will take care of each and everyone of you. Since you are a member of a prestigious school like NCKU, it means that you have the ability and responsibility to contribute to the school and society. How can you be pessimistic?

I believe that you all respect and miss the late Business Guru, Mr. Yong-Ching Wong. There are many reasons why he was successful. But the most crucial one is that he asked for financial help before he went to Japan in his early days. After he succeeded in business, he not only returned the borrowed money, he also looked after his benefactor with gratitude for all his life. After he became wealthy, he benefited thousands and millions of people from Taiwan and worldwide. This is truly the manifestation of the Taiwanese saying, “when you eat the fruit, you should pay homage to the tree”. Hence, to ask for help will not hurt your dignity. On the contrary, this is a test on the strength of your will and perseverance and adaptation ability.

During this troubling period, the top priority is to strengthen your base at the school on both professional knowledge and skills. More importantly, you should hone your professional ethics, personal morality, cross-disciplinary knowledge, self-learning ability and international perspective. Turn this crisis into an opportunity, and then the sky is the limit for your future!

In my view, people who value themselves and seek help can help themselves and others. Hence, I want to remind you that during this global economic storm, we must be patient, keep faith, and hold the determination to win out of adversity. In the meantime, you must strengthen yourself and make yourself more competitive. I believe that the spring is not far when the winter is here! Lastly, I wish you progress in academic study and peace and safety for your family.

Michael Ming-Chiao Lai
National Cheng Kung University
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