Volume 6 Issue 5 - November 7, 2008
Acceptance: Dr. William Yeh, 2008 NCKU Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient
Acceptance: Mr. Tiao Chang, President, Dinyue Development and Construction Co. Ltd., 2008 NCKU Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient
Article Digest
E. M. Woo
Effects of Tacticity and Crystallinity on Phase Behavior of Binary Blends Based on Polypropylenes: iPP, sPP, and aPP
Andy Y.-G. Fuh
Diffraction characteristics of a liquid crystal polarization grating analyzed using the finite-difference time-domain method
Ming-Chyuan Lin
A Rule Based Assembly Sequence Generation Method for Product Design
Bei-Chang Yang
To die or not to die, that depends on the tissue environment: Tumor extracellular matrix shapes the Fas-meditated apoptosis in T cells
Article Digest
S. Dhara
Recrystallization of epitaxial GaN under indentation
News Release
“Smart Ammunition” Drugs Aim at Clinical Treatment of Oral Cancer in 5 years
Editorial Group
Acceptance: Dr. William Yeh, 2008 NCKU Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient

I am profoundly honored and humbled to receive the 2008 National Cheng Kung University Outstanding Alumni Award. Needless to say I am very proud to be a Cheng Kung University alumnus. I would like to thank Professor Tungyang Chen and the College of Engineering for nominating me for this very special award.

I entered Cheng Kung University in 1956, majoring in Industrial Management Science. After the first year I changed my major to Civil Engineering and graduated in 1961. My undergraduate training at Cheng Kung University provided me with a good foundation for undertaking graduate studies in the U.S. I hold many fond memories of my alma mater and have gone back to Tainan to visit on several occasions. The last trip was in December 2000 to deliver a keynote speech in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the hydraulics lab. The facilities as well as the lab’s researchers notably impressed me. Without doubt the NCKU ranks among the best universities in the world.

I came to the United States in 1963. I received an MS degree from New Mexico State University in 1964 and a PhD degree from Stanford University in 1967.  Since joining UCLA in 1967, I have served on the UCLA faculty in several capacities, including twice as Department Chair (1985-1988 and 2002-2007). To date, I have graduated 48 PhD students. Many of my former PhD students are now successful teachers, researchers, and practicing engineers at various distinguished institutions and industries in the United States and abroad.

Upon reflection I consider myself the beneficiary of both nurturing surroundings and exceptional people, and attribute any accomplishments in large part to them.  I am particularly grateful to my students for the mutual exchange of ideas over the years. I hope they have learned from me, and I know I have become a better scholar and person because of them.

Of course I am most indebted to those who are closest to me – my wife Jennie and my two sons Michael and Bobby. Without their unconditional love and support I certainly would not be where I am today.
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