Volume 4 Issue 4 - May 9, 2008
Harold Szu
NCKU students creating business with Angel Fund
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Yan-Kuin Su
The Study of Organic Thin Film Transistor with Polymethylmethacrylate as a Dielectric Layer
Eamor M. Woo
Melting Behavior and Polymorphic Forms of Poly(hexamethylene terephthalate) in Exfoliated Silicate Interlayers
Nan-Chyuan Tsai
SU-8 based continuous-flow RT-PCR bio-chips under high-precision temperature control
Hsin Chu
Red soil as a regenerable sorbent for high temperature removal of hydrogen sulfide from coal gas
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Ing-Shiou Hwang
Li-Wha Wu
Cyclooxygenase 2 is involved in S100A2-mediated tumor suppression in squamous cell carcinoma
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Cultivating Entrepreneurs in University
‘Have You Sent a Mother’s Day Card’ Event Coming Up on the Eve of Mother’s Day
Editorial Group
NCKU students creating business with Angel Fund
Visiting Chair Professor Harold Szu


For years NCKU earned the reputation as the “most favorite of industry”. This is because the world-renowned engineering programs of NCKU deliver excellent professional training, service ability, attitude, and expert knowledge.  Academician Michael M. C. Lai, President of NCKU, made the comment recently that “we pledge to renew our commitment and enhance our strength by turning the table around, that NCKU students should conversely “favor the industry and create new industry.” Lai said that “To this end, we will provide “Millions Dollars Angel Fund (MDAF)” to those freshman students who wish to create grass-root companies and sell their company intellectual property right through licensing or what have you!.”.  Prof. Szu added: “although freshman boss has the vision and may not necessarily have the special skill-sets, but with “angel funding” (a unit of MDAF is NT$50,000), he/she like a real start-up entrepreneurial can hire interdisciplinary “experts”.  In this case, IT-savvy seniors work part-time for the startup company with one-tenth the cost. This is unique competitive edge---creative and inexpensive brain powers.”  Such a youthful enterprise can learn modern business practices: “business plans following goal setting” and “do-diligent before merge and acquisition”, and all the necessary innovation and creativity in a bottom up reverse order.  Free enterprises begin with a powerful force working for a “larger self,” namely to be good humanistic boss with the feeling of employers-owned company.

1.Background and Foreground

As the old saying goes, “Different folks for different strokes.” Such a college company may not be suitable for all students.  Indeed, not everyone is cutout to be entrepreneurial, much less face reality, take heat and lead a company. However, “if it does not begin at the university, then where? If not now, when?”

Thus, we launch an experiment of creating NCKU Angel Fund to help freshmen create their own business working creatively with other senior experts.

At the minimum, NCKU is a safe haven to serve as a “de-compression chamber” for entering freshman to recover from early syndrome suffered from multiple years in high school in memorization, drills and examinations.  Entry students at NCKU may be divided into two career paths groups.  College diploma is their terminal degree or not.  Bachelor degree group will pursue a career of either leading talents with doctorates and master degrees to work for them, or prepare to be the “most favorite employers of industry”.  The latter group shall begin in as early as their freshmen year to carry out research by working in laboratories with seniors and/or professional scientists, and reading the Nature or Science literature beyond textbooks.  Students must find out their own destiny, and there is no better place for the students to evolve in an accelerated manner than having NCKU as a “test-tube” behaving as a society, which is “scale-down” version of the global village.

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