Volume 4 Issue 2 - April 25, 2008
Wei-Hsiang Huang
Remarks after Winning the 2007 Outstanding Alumnus Award - Reminiscence and Appreciation
Life Is Full of Surprises and Joy
Article Digest
Jun-Rui Huang
Comparative Study of Hydrogen Sensing Characteristics of a Pd/GaN Schottky Diode in Air and N2 Atmospheres
TT Fang
Effects of Cu stoichiometry on the micro structures, barrier-layer structures, electrical conduction, dielectric responses, and stability of CaCu3Ti4O12
Shen-Haw Ju
A simple finite element model for vibration analyses induced by moving vehicles
Sheng-Tun Li
A study of deterministic fuzzy time series model
Article Digest
H-Y Chang
Evaluation of the effectiveness of personal protective equipment against occupational exposure to N,N-dimethylformamide
Bu-Miin Huang
Cordyceps sinensis Mycelium Induces MA-10 Mouse Leydig Tumor Cell Apoptosis by Activating the Caspase-8 Pathway and Suppressing the NF-κB Pathway
Yung-Chiang Lan
Manipulation of Tunneling Frequencies Using Magnetic Fields for Resonant Tunneling Effects of Surface Plasmons
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NCKU Student Forum – Build Up Strength from NCKU to Care about the World
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Remarks after Winning the 2007 Outstanding Alumnus Award - Reminiscence and Appreciation
Life Is Full of Surprises and Joy
Wei-Hsiang Huang (黃偉祥)

Alumnus of Engineering Science, 1977

Everyone’s life is full of stories. Whether they have been a long time, or they just happened, there is always something about them so pure that would touch you and something so simple that would inspire you. It will turn into lively energy in you and become a mind with depth and width. “We should rise to the challenge and enjoy every new experience,” said Wei-Hsiang Huang, alumnus of the Department of Engineering Science 1977.

Going to School & Starting Up Business
● Learned about me and decided not to be a research engineer
Just like many other students, Huang came to NCKU simply because his score of entrance exam was high enough for the highest department he could qualify for in his priority list. He thus came to Tainan and went to Department of Engineering Science at NCKU.

He felt reluctant to leave the environment he was most familiar with, and was away from Taipei and his family. For Huang, it was a whole new experience for him. Reflecting upon the time, he still finds it valuable. “The life spent in the dorm and the rental place taught me a lot. I noticed the variety and the uniqueness of people. Meanwhile, I got to see my talents and limits early enough.”

When he was a junior, he realized that he stood few chances if he became a research engineer or went to study abroad, so he decided not to pursue a career in engineering and changed to study accounting, statistics, and Japanese to pave the way for his future career in business.

● An impulse that led to his own business
After he graduated and finished his military service, Huang got his first job as a sales representative at a semiconductor dealer. One year after that, he decided to leave that company and set up his own because he thought that his personalities and the way he thought were too different from the business ideas and vision of his boss. “In fact, I wasn’t fully confident of running the business with success and I didn’t have sufficient capital,” recalled Huang, “but running your own business is risky and it doesn’t come with a warranty. My thoughts were simple; I believed we should just grab it when an opportunity came. Just do it without fear. Youth is our greatest asset.” That’s that. It has been a long and bumpy road, but Huang’s persistence keeps him on track. He has never changed his career since.

● Choose with no regrets; try it so that your life will not be in vain.
If you had asked Huang ten years ago if he would have started up his own business again, he would have said no. He knew too well that he was a perfectionist, so it was a rather tough road to take to establish his own business. He would have rather opened a small shop and live a simple and happy life until he died. However, when he was asked the same question today, because of all the changes he had been through, he gave a different answer. He firmly believes that “everyone is cut out for something and there is work to be done by you in your life. You are here for a reason. You have to know that, so that your life will not be spent in vain.”

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