Volume 3 Issue 9 - March 28, 2008
Philip Wei
Remarks after Winning the 2007 Outstanding Alumnus Award - Reminiscence and Appreciation Never Stop Learning;
Never Fear to Fight
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Remarks after Winning the 2007 Outstanding Alumnus Award - Reminiscence and Appreciation
Never Stop Learning; Never Fear to Fight
Philip Wei

Alumnus of Transportation and Communication Management Science, 1967

When the Office of Academic Affairs informed me that I was selected as 2007 Outstanding Alumnus, I was surprised and overwhelmed, for there are numerous outstanding individuals among NCKU alumni. Many of them are working in the government and all walks of life; they have done better and achieved more than I have. Besides President Lai, Dean of Academic Affairs Tang, and the judges, I especially want to dedicate this honor to all of my colleagues, and the teachers and classmates who gave me enormous encouragement and guidance during my school days.

Time flies. Forty years have swiftly passed since I graduated from NCKU, my alma mater. Since the first day I entered NCKU, to the time when I began working at China Airlines, I have always held dear in my mind the school motto, “Discover the truth, and be devoted to knowledge.” I could thus keep myself motivated and remain proactive in pursuit of knowledge and skills. It also sees me through in time of trouble, and makes me strong and confident at work.

I often encourage my friends and colleagues with a saying, “You must learn from your poor situation and never stop striving for your dreams.” When I was young, my family was pretty poor. In order to ease the financial burden for my family, I chose to go to Tainan Junior Teachers College because they provided a full scholarship. Then I had become an elementary school teacher for three years after I graduated. During that period of time, I often questioned myself if I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. After some deep contemplation, I made up my mind to seek an opportunity where I could have made a breakthrough in my life.

If I am to give NCKU students some advice for school or work, I would share with them this, “Never stop learning; never fear to fight.” Sometime after I was admitted to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of NCKU, I felt that it was not enough to have proficiency in language, so I transferred to study in the Department of Transportation and Communication Management Science. After I graduated from it, I studied by myself, passed the test and got into the Institute of Finance and Taxes at National Chengchi University. While I was working for China Airlines in America, I went to Northrop University to work on my Master’s degree in Tax Law in my free time. Your confidence will be boosted and you will have more chances at work if you keep on learning new knowledge and skills. You will also find yourself irreplaceable in the working environment where backgrounds and relationships are emphasized.

When I reflected upon the days in school, I really miss the founder and Dean of the Department, Ding-Gong Liu (劉定公), who made an exception of accepting students transferring from college of literature. After I graduated from NCKU and entered the Institute at Chengchi University, because he knew that I had to raise a family, he wrote to Taiwan Airlines (台航), where I was working then, about it without me asking him to do so. His letter made my company agree to let me work part-time, so I did not have to worry about my financial condition. In addition, the Hsun-Hua Scholarship (巽華獎學金) sponsored by Mr. Jia-Chen Shen (沈家楨) and Mrs. He-Ju Chu Shen (沈居和如) also helped me be able to concentrate on my studies more. These are the things I can never forget.

When I just graduated, my first job was at the Central Trust of China, I discovered by chance that China Airlines was establishing a tax office. I would not want to miss the opportunity and mailed my resume to the company. It was probably because my background covered the two areas in finance and transportation management, I got the job very soon and the 36 years with China Airlines had thus begun. Those of you who are still at NCKU will eventually leave the school and start working. I hope you will remember this. Always learn something to enrich your brain and mind and do not hesitate to recommend yourself. It will be very helpful for you when you want to find a job or start a new career in the future.

A journalist once asked me to describe myself in one sentence, and my answer was, “live an honest life, do an honest job.” I have always believed in this firmly during the 36 years of work at China Airlines. I have always worked diligently, and, because of that, I am highly approved by my supervisors. When I first joined China Airlines, I was a small employee as a tax researcher. Then I was moved to do finance, transportation, cargo, and finally became a supervisor responsible for overseas affairs, general manager, and then chairman of the company. My belief in this ethics has not changed a bit even when I have been through all this. Many basic yet important virtues have been changing in recent years when utilitarianism is getting popular. General young people can bear less pressure, so we occasionally learn that people commit crimes from newspapers and magazines. Some people are very cynical, while some even commit suicide by burning charcoal. That kind of tragic news always makes people heartbreak and sigh. I want to use this opportunity to encourage every NCKU student, with my own experience of life, to remember to have high self-esteem and look for challenges to make you grow. Then success will come your way.

Of course, one should develop personal interests and have proper recreation besides learning constantly and working hard in one’s life. We are not machines. Even if we were, a machine would still need regular maintenance and servicing. Besides reading magazines and news about finance and the current market to broaden my knowledge, I also love to play ball and hike with my colleagues and friends. I can therefore relieve the pressure that has accumulated over the past few days, and I can also stay fit and healthy. I am 66 now, but I still feel vigorous. I believe it has a lot to do with the good habit I have had for years.

NCKU has become well-known and has produced many outstanding individuals, which can be attributed to the devotion and hard work of every NCKU president and the entire faculty. I am proud to be one of its alumni. I sincerely appreciate the teaching of my alma mater. I would also like to express my appreciation and the most sincere regard, as an individual and for China Airline, to President Lai, Dean of Academic Affairs Tang, every NCKU student, and the entire staff. I wish every one of you success in whatever you do and even greater success with NCKU. Thank you very much.

This article was adopted from NCKU Journal issue 223, p.19-20. It was translated by Edward Wang.

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