Volume 3 Issue 6 - March 7, 2008
Ruey J. Sung
Patriotism, Academia, and humanitarianism: Nobel Laureate, Dr. Aaron Ciechanover
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Father of Corona Virus NCKU President Lai Receives Lifelong Achievement Award from University of Southern California
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Patriotism, Academia, and humanitarianism: Nobel Laureate, Dr. Aaron Ciechanover
Ruey J. Sung

Former Dean, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University

February 19, 2008

President Lai, distinguished guests, faculty, students, ladies and gentlemen.

On this auspicious occasion we are honoring 2 great human beings, I am privileged to have the opportunity to introduce to you one of them, Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, the 2004 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

I got acquainted with Dr. Aaron Ciechanover when his first visited Taiwan and our University in December, 2006 during which I served as dean of our College of Medicine.  Subsequently, I also had an opportunity to work with him in the Advisory Board of Britton Chance Center for Biomedical Photonics (BCCBP), Wu-Han National Laboratory for optophotonics, Hua-Zhung University of Science and Technology, China in April, 2007.  There are three notable aspects I would like to talk about Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, specifically, These are patriotism, academia, and humanitarianism.

In patriotism, Dr. Aaron Ciechanover is very proud of his Jewish root in culture and heritage, and his country, Israel.  Following completion of our BCCBP Advisory Board meeting in China last year, while many board members including myself were anxious to tour the 3 Gorges Dam which was not too faraway from our meeting venue, he would rather take a long trip flying from Wu-Han to visit a small village located somewhere in the Hu-Nan Province, which purportedly has kept the Jewish religion and tradition for several hundred years.  Before embarking on his trip, I chucked with him by saying that “Those village people are either Chinese Jews or Jewish Chinese and they probably belong to one of the 10 lost Israeli tribes.  Once they see you, they would ask you to take them back to the promised land-Israel”.

His patriotism stems from the fact that he was born in Haifa, a port city in the northern part of Israel on October 1, 1947, just one month before the United Nations recognized Israel as a sovereign state.  For Jewish people, it had been a long struggle for almost 2000 years, through discrimination and persecution before they finally returned to their promised land.  And as we all know, since then and even up to date, its neighboring countries have constantly threatened the existence of the state of Israel, creating many episodes of “middle east crises”.  Therefore, every citizen of Israel carries the responsibility to defend the country.  Under continuous threat of war, Dr. Aaron Ciechanover was brought up by his parents and later by his elder brother. Understandably, his home education was predominantly Judaism and Zionism.  Like every other Israeli citizen, he joined the military, interrupting his professional carrier development between 1973 and 1976.  He expressed that the military service was a wonderful experience, stating that it was “the best melting pot one can go through, generating through friendship during hard times, friendships that are therefore deep, true and lasting”  I can not help saying that I was most touched when he said “For my parents, the establishment of the State of Israel as an independent Jewish country was a direct historical result of the Holocaust in Europe and a clear statement of “Never Massadah Shall Fall Again”.  The latter quotation, which as we all are familiar with, refers to the historical event in which Jewish people, aspired by freedom, refused to surrender to the Roman Empire to become slaves and at the end, they all sacrificed their lives and lost the land.”  Dr. Aaron Ciechanover’s patriotism should serve as a strong reference for our people in Taiwan as we have been defending for freedom and democracy and fighting for our survival in the world.

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