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Volume 3 Issue 5 - February 29, 2008
Da Hsuan Feng
Introduction of Britton Chance for his Post-Honorary Doctor Speech in National Cheng Kung University
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Jan-Jong Hung
Post-translational modification of Sp1 is important for gene regulation
Fei-Bin Hsiao
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Development and Its Future Prospects
Jen-Sue Chen
Dependence of crystal structure and work function of WNx films on the nitrogen content
Houyun Zhou
Record of winter monsoon strength
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Pau-Choo Chung
A Region-based Selective Optical Flow Back-Projection for Genuine Motion Vector Estimation
News Release
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) “Inducts” Two World-Class Scientists as Distinguished Alumni: NCKU Will Bestow Doctor of Science Degrees, Honoris Causa, to Britton Chance and Aaron Ciechanover
National Cheng Kung University Alumnus Dr. William W.-G. Yeh Elected Into the National Academy of Engineering of 2008
Editorial Group
Introduction of Britton Chance for his Post-Honorary Doctor Speech in National Cheng Kung University
Da Hsuan Feng, Senior Executive Vice President, National Cheng Kung University

February 19, 2008

“Brit IS the personification of Superman!”

President Lai, Professor Aaron Ciechanover of the Technion and one of the newest alumni of NCKU, Senior Executive Vice President Hwung, Vice President Tzeng, Vice President Su, Vice President Tang, Dean Lin, Fuh, Dean Chang, Dean Wu, Dr. Ken Chong, one of our most distinguished alumnus, Professor T. P. Ma of Yale University, close colleagues from Southern Illinois University, Distinguished Guests and Ladies and Gentlemen:

I was given a truly impossible task, and a profoundly emotional one, to introduce to you Britton Chance, or Brit, as he is known to the world.

A few minutes ago I was pinching myself to make sure that what is happening here in NCKU this morning, with my two great friends, Brit and Aaron, is real and not a dream!

You heard already from Dr. Tzeng, Brit’s great accomplishments in his recommendation to President Lai in bestowing the Doctor of Science, honoris causa, to Brit.

Someone once told me that Brit is a Superman. That is probably an understatement. Besides what Dr. Tzeng said, which really is the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg, Brit is much much more.

Indeed, how do you introduce someone who at 18, 77 years ago, made his first invention of a “Compass Controlled Automatic Ship Steering.”

Then at the young age of 25, he invented “The first optical sensor from magnetic compass.”

Soon after, he invented a “Mechanical Differential Analyzer for Solutions of Non-linear Differential Equations for Enzyme Action.”

Then in 1943 during WWII, he invented at MIT’s Radar Lab (which after the war became Lincoln Lab) an “antiaircraft 10 cm autotracking Radar directly coupled to Bell Labs electronic computer and 5” hydraulically controlled guns.”

This system made a difference at Anzio and Normandy, two major battlefield theatres during WWII.

After the war, he also invented the “electronic circuit for ENIAC,” the very first electronic computer mankind had seen!

Then he took a break to train for the Olympics in 1952, where he and team won the Gold medal in sailing. Ladies and gentlemen, great athletes normally had to train day and night for years and years, and usually do not win the Gold in the Olympics.

He did it part time! When I mentioned to Brit that professional athletes must feel terrible about this, all he could muster enough energy to say was “I am sorry!”

Sorry indeed!

Mind you, all this, what he did, happened way before he became the “father of biophysics,” one of the “fathers of biochemistry,” one of the “fathers of biomedical photonics,” and so on and so on and so on.

So how do you introduce someone who has done so much, so profoundly and so elegantly?

Well, I don’t know how and so I will simply tell you what is in my heart.

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