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Volume 2 Issue 10 - January 4, 2008
The Honorable Solomon Ortiz, Senior Member of the United States House of Representative, Member of the Congressional Armed Services Committee and Dean of the House Hispanic Caucus will visit National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and Chi-Lin Technology Co. Ltd. In Tainan
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The Honorable Solomon Ortiz, Senior Member of the United States House of Representative, Member of the Congressional Armed Services Committee and Dean of the House Hispanic Caucus will visit National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and Chi-Lin Technology Co. Ltd. In Tainan

On January 7th, 2008, the Honorable Solomon Ortiz, United States Congressional member representing the 27th district of the State of Texas will be visiting Tainan. He will stop at Chi-Lin Technology Co. Ltd., one of the world’s major manufacturer of flat panel displays and NCKU, one of the two comprehensive and research intensive universities in Taiwan.

Chi-Lin Technology Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Chi-Mei Corporation, whose founder, Mr. Wen-Long Hsu, is a close friend and an alumnus of NCKU.

In the past decade, Congressman Ortiz has visited Taiwan on numerous occasions.

The purpose of Congressman Solomon’s visit is to gain a deeper understanding of the research and development capabilities and infrastructures for high technology in the Southern part of Taiwan. His visit to NCKU is a result of the invitation issued by Academician Michael M. C. Lai, President of NCKU. NCKU is the only university in Taiwan that the Congressman will be visiting.

Congressman Ortiz who was elected by the 27th district (this district spans the entire length from Brownsville, Texas, the southern most town of the United States to Corpus Christi, Texas) since 1982, is one of the most respected senior members of the United States Congress. Throughout his career, Congressman Ortiz has always been consistently proactive in working both sides of the aisles as well as ensuring United States be part of the global village. One of the best manifestation of this working style is his cochairmanship of the Congressional Singapore Caucus, a caucus that has 56 members of the House of Representatives, both Democrats and Republicans. This Caucus was one of the reasons why there is now a Free Trade Agreement between United States and Singapore.

“NCKU is honored that the Congressman has decided to come to visit us,” exclaimed President Lai.

“His visit will have several important implications and impact for us. First, as Dean of the House Hispanic Caucus, he will alert us to the university community the profound economic and intellectual importance of the Spanish speaking world. As a former professor at University of Southern California, I have personal experience in recognizing its importance. In addition, with NCKU aggressively promoting globalization as one of its goals, understanding this component of the world is critical. Second, as a senior member of the House Armed Services committee, his deep interest in health and other well being issues of veterans overlaps well with some of the healthcare strengths of our medical school. Finally, I will be especially pleased to inform the Congressman in his capacity as one of US leaders the close historical linkage between NCKU and one of United States’ most powerful aerospace and military supplying industries, Boeing Corporation. Indeed, one of our distinguished engineering faculty members in the 60’s, Dr. Tsu Wong, was the first chief aeronautical engineer hired by Mr. Bill Boeing in 1916!”

During his visit, Congressman Ortiz will first tour Chi-Lin Technology Co. Ltd. manufacturing site in the Southern Taiwan Science Park in Tainan County. This will be followed by visiting NCKU’s Mechanical Engineering Historical Gallery, College of Medicine and An-Nan Campus Hydraulics Facility.

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