BANYAN  Research Express@NCKU
Volume 2 Issue 8 - December 21, 2007
Da Hsuan Feng
An Eye-Opening Visit to Chi-Mei Electronics (奇美電子), an Industrial Icon of Southern Taiwan Science Park in Tainan County
Article Digest
Fong-Gong Wu
Design approach for increasing stability and performance of touch pens in screen handwriting tasks
Chih-Lung Lin
A Novel Voltage Driving Method Using 3-TFT Pixel Circuit for AMOLED
Shean-Jen Chen
Coupled waveguide-surface plasmon resonance biosensor with subwavelength grating
Tiee-Jian Wu
A variable bandwidth selector in multivariate kernel density estimation
Chao-Liang Wu
Low-Dose Etoposide enhances telomerase-dependent adenovirus-mediated cytosine deaminase gene therapy through augmentation of adenoviral infection and transgene expression in a syngeneic bladder tumor model
Article Digest
Wei-Yang Chou
Excimer Laser Irradiation Induced Suppression of OFF-State Leakage Current in Organic Transistors
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NCKU Alumni Return on the 76th School Anniversary and Donate 100 Thousand US Dollars
Professor Huan-Yao Lei Appointed to the Newly Created Position of Asian Editor for Experimental Biology and Medicine
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An Eye-Opening Visit to Chi-Mei Electronics (奇美電子), an Industrial Icon of Southern Taiwan Science Park in Tainan County
Da Hsuan Feng

Senior Executive Vice President, National Cheng Kung University

NCKU’s delegation

Led by Michael M. C. Lai, President of National Cheng Kung University and invited and hosted by Wen-Long Hsu, Founder, Jau-Yang Ho, President and Ching-Siang Liao chairman of the board of Chi Mei Corporation, a delegation of NCKU leaders spent the entire day at the company corporate headquarters and its massive facilities in Southern Taiwan Science Park.

Members of NCKU’s delegation, besides Academician Lai, are the following:
  • Da Hsuan Feng, Senior Executive Vice President
  • Tommy Tzeng, Vice President for Research and Development
  • Y. H. Chang, Dean of Management
  • Andy Fuh, Dean of Science
  • Wen-Teng Wu, Dean of Engineering
  • Jen-Sue Chen, Chair of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Wei-Chou Hsu, Chair of Electrical Engineering
  • Jiin-Yuh Jang, Chair of Mechanical Engineering
  • Yan-Ten Lu, Chair of Physics
  • Hung-Shan Weng, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Former President
The day began at 8:30 am in the morning of November 23 and ended at 4:00 pm. At the end of the visit, I can detect that all delegation members were intellectually and physically drained! I will explain why!

Something about CMO

In the past several decades, Chi-Mei Corporation is rapidly rising as one of the most powerful global corporations in Asia Pacific Basin. Its corporate headquarters is in Tainan, Taiwan, which is about half an hour by car from National Cheng Kung University through the winding roads of ancient Tainan.

The company, Chi-Mei, which I would like to translate as “Mysterious Beauty,” has ubiquitous business interests, ranging from chemical and food production to now an undisputed global leader in display panel production. It was founded by Mr. Wen-Long Hsu, a renaissance man of multiple talents, from being a recent violin playing partner of NCKU’s president Academician Michael Lai, to museum curator for founding one of Taiwan’s most comprehensive “free-of-charge” artistic museums on the fifth to eighth floor of its corporate headquarters (with, as expected, many Stradivarius violins) to profound and fast thinking entrepreneur.

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