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Volume 2 Issue 7 - December 14, 2007
Senior Executive Vice President Da Hsuan Feng
Opening Comment of 2007 Annual Conference on Urban and Regional Design
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Yeong-Her Wang
Synthesis and characterization of gold nanodogbones by the seeded mediated growth method
Tsai Jiun-Horng
Chemical Constituents in Particulate Emissions from an Integrated Iron and Steel Facility
Hung-Ta Chiu
Effects of Insoles and Additional Shock Absorption Foam on the Cushioning Properties of Different Sport Shoes
Kuei-Sen Hsu
Effects of neonatal dexamethasone treatment on hippocampal synaptic function
Horng-Long Cheng
Influence of molecular structure and microstructure on device performance of polycrystalline pentacene thin-film transistors
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Kuan-Da Huang
Electrokinetic behavior of overlapped electric double layers in nanofluidic channels
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Father of Corona Virus NCKU President Lai Receives Outstanding Scholar Award
Professor Fan-Tien Cheng and Professor Pau-Choo Chung Both Selected as IEEE Fellow
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Opening Comment of 2007 Annual Conference on Urban and Regional Design
Senior Executive Vice President Da Hsuan Feng

December 1, 2007
National Cheng Kung University

“Hmmm, I wonder whether “having smiles on the population faces” is one of the criteria of regional and urban planning!”

Professor Hopkins, Professor Feng (not me), Professor Hsia, Professor Chen from NCKU’s College of Planning and Design, Colleagues and Distinguished Guests:

My name is Da Hsuan Feng, and since September 1, 2007, I became Senior Executive Vice President of National Cheng Kung University. Today I represent my boss Academician Michael M. C. Lai to be here to welcome all of you to NCKU and Tainan. Unfortunately, he is unable to attend this exciting Conference of intellectual and economic value.

For Professor Hopkins, I hope you will also have the opportunity to wander outside of the campus. As you can sense already, NCKU and Tainan essentially melt together. As a new comer to Tainan, I have found this historical city to be, forgive me for using the cliché, warm and very friendly. But there is more. I am especially pleased to find the people of this city not only friendly, but they all seem to possess a healthy sense of humor in their language and attitude. Besides being hustling and busting as in any modern fast paced urban areas, I also find people of Tainan always wearing beautiful smiles on their faces. Such characters make, I am confident, the city a fascinating place to explore.

Hmmm, I wonder whether “having smiles on the population faces” is one of the criteria of regional and urban planning! Also, if you have time, I think you will find it most interesting to at least visit the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), which I believe is truly an exciting case study of regional planning and its economic impact!

To my colleagues in the College of Planning and Design, I have been informed by people of literally all walks of life that your urban and regional planning team is one of the best in Asia, if not the world. Having read the very impressive resume of your keynote speaker, Professor Hopkins, this meeting which could attract him as the keynote, is certainly a testimony of this fact. So, allow me to use this occasion to send congratulations from the administration of the university to you.

I have to also tell you that I am really enthusiastic, well beyond what an administrator in these occasions would say in a perfunctory manner, that I have the opportunity to say a few words of welcome here. Slightly more than a decade ago, I was a heavy-practitioner of theoretical physics, in fact a cocoon professor, if you like, and therefore if you were to ask me then about urban and city planning, my answer would have been “say what?” Then quite by serendipity, I was introduced to a gentleman who later became a good friend. I hope you would not mind if I “drop his name” here, because his expertise is, I believe, akin to the subject matter of today’s conference.

The gentleman is Dana Tomlin. Dana is professor of landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. By all accounts, Dana is one of world’s great geographic information systems (GIS) experts. He is author of Geographic Information Systems and Cartographic Modeling, developer of the Map Analysis Package software, and originator of Map Algebra. He has global reputation in the use of digital cartographic techniques in spatial pattern analysis and land use allocation. As in any creative and active scientist, his great love of the subject drove him to even tell someone as ignorant about the subject as me all the exciting developments of GIS, and many of the points he touched on are precisely in urban and regional planning!

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