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Volume 2 Issue 3 - November 16, 2007
Yu-Hern Chang
Message from the Dean of College of Management
Yau-Sheng Tsai
Designer mice for human disease - A close view of Nobel Laureate : Oliver Smithies
Article Digest
Shui-Jinn Wang
Use of Anisotropic Laser Etching to the Top n-GaN Layer to Alleviate Current Crowding Effect in Vertical-Structured GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes
Chuan-Ching Sue
Robust Design for Reconfigurable Coder/Decoders to Protect Against Eavesdropping in Spectral Amplitude Coding Optical CDMA Networks
Chopin Soo
Three-geometry and reformulation of the Wheeler–DeWitt equation
Article Digest
Trai-Ming Yeh
Fighting against dengue fever: Deciphering the immunopathogenesis
Chiang Kao
National competitiveness of Southeast Asian countries
News Release
National Applied Research Laboratories Joins NCKU and Sets Up Research Center in Chi-Mei Building on October 3rd
Paper by NCKU Professor Published in Internationally Renown Nature Journal
Editorial Group
Message from the Dean of College of Management
Yu-Hern Chang

The College of Management at National Cheng Kung University was established in 1955 and enjoys a long history. It has cultivated more than 20,000 high-quality and socially responsible professionals and outstanding business leaders for Taiwan. They consistently devote themselves to society, and serve in many leadership positions, such as government ministers (部長王建煊Wang Chien-hsuan, 吳伯雄Wu Po-hsiung), city mayor (市長蘇南成Su Nan-cheng), company chairmen (董事長陳再來Chen Tsai-lai, 徐宏達Hsu Hung-ta, 王景益Wang Ching-yi, 陳堯Chen Yao, 盧峰海Lu Feng-hai, 魏幸雄Wei Hsing-hsiung), university president (校長劉水深Liu Shui-shen), directors general (such as Director General of Ministry of Economic Affairs 司長王百波Wang Pai-po, Director General of the Institute of the Ministry of Transportation 所長黃德治Huang Te-Chih, Treasury Director General 署長蔡慶年Tsai Ching-nien), general managers, and professional managers of all walks of life. Based on several surveys the graduates of this college are “most-welcomed” by all business enterprises for ten years running.

Currently, the College has five departments and ten institutes offering undergraduate and graduate programs. The total enrollment of students is approximately 3,000. Within the college, there are more than 100 faculty (assistant professors or above) and two dedicated buildings with a total floor space of 2,500 square meters. In addition to professional faculty, well equipped instruments and research buildings provide students with high quality learning environments.

It is my honor to be the dean of College of Management as of August 1, 2007. The College of Management’s objective is based on truth and knowledge, pragmatism and innovation, growth and excellence. I would particularly propose the following plans to realize the vision of the College as well as to develop it into a world-class College of Management.

Action Plan

Promote the College’s multiple assessment and incentives to ensure the fair assessment of faculty members’ teaching skills and service (along with research). This will allow the three component parts (teaching, research, and service) to be integrated in order to achieve our pursuit for excellence.

1. Overall
(1)Promote the Center for Faculty Development, CFD (with Planning, Teaching, and Evaluation divisions) and set up the Mentoring System to help teachers improve and plan their academic career. The final goal is to improve the quality and value of management education.
(2)Promote the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) international accreditation and upgrade the College of Management’s teaching, researching, service quality, to enhance qualifications to world expectations and to develop as an international first-class university.
(3)Plan the College of Management’s second building to increase the teaching and research space. Improve the hardware and software for teaching towards E-learning and enhance students’ professional knowledge and ability.
2. Teaching Excellence
(1)Reward teachers on improving their teaching methods but also establish multiple assessments. An E-learning platform will be set up to elevate teaching quality.
(2)Encourage teachers of the College of Management to teach or co-teach the “Writing of English Thesis” course for students of Ph.D. and Master’s degrees. Encourage sharing the experience of publishing articles in Taiwan and international periodicals to educate scholars on outstanding teaching and research.
(3)Establish a conscientious regulation of hiring and retaining qualified teachers. Moreover, encourage teachers to continuously self-enhance and to improve their teaching qualities.
(4)Make efforts to retain renowned masters, foreigner professors, and encourage teachers to deliver English courses to strengthen international dual degree programs.
(5)Teach students outstanding language abilities, leadership roles, sense for creativity, vision and humanities by researching cases or projects, attending international conferences, social participation and moral education.

3. Research Excellence
(1)Through the Mentoring System to create research teams in every specialization and field to help teachers publish in SCI/SSCI journals; and to provide material incentives.
(2)Integrate schools and colleges to fully utilize our resources of teachers and equipment; and to promote inter-department, inter-school, and international academic exchanges and cooperation. It is hoped to improve our research quality and to upgrade our academic status and prestige.
(3)Periodically hold international academic conferences and promote visits from foreign universities. This will broaden our teachers’ and students’ international vision and help promote our school’s fame.
(4)Continue with the College’s “Research Excellence Award” and “Best Student Paper Award” to promote a research atmosphere for teachers and students.

4. Service Excellence
(1)Maintain interaction with industry and our alumni in order to promote interchanges between academia and industry. This will help solve problems for industry and to promote our research results. It will further broaden the resources for all the management schools in Taiwan.
(2)Continue to hold continuing education for senior management in order to interact with senior professionals in academia, government, and industry. This will consolidate our goal for life-long learning such that all management professionals can have the opportunity to upgrade their professionalism.
(3)Periodically hold “Discussion with the Dean” seminars with teachers, staff, and students from our departments to understand and solve problems. This will create a first-class teaching and research environment, and a harmonic and mutually-respectful college culture.
(4)Encourage our teachers to participate in off-campus industrial development conferences and related government discussions on management policies. This way, they can absorb the latest information and through the exchange of cutting-edge information to promote more academic-industry cooperation.
(5)Periodically hold the “Seminars on Management and Humanities” to cultivate our teachers and students to have a sense of humanities and to care for the society.

Finally, I hope that the College will achieve the goal of becoming an international top-notch management college through our 5“I” approach: Integration of department resources; Internationalization; Innovation as our core; Improvement based on humanities; and In search of Excellence.