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Volume 1 Issue 10 - October 26, 2007
Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Social Sciences Building was Held on October 14th 2007 : A Harmonious Integration of Social Sciences, Biomedicine and Engineering Sciences
Chi-Chuan Hwang
When NCKU Meets IBM:The Services Science of the 21st Century
Article Digest
Sue-Joan Chang
Development of Functional Food Cultivated in Taiwan:Ma Do Red Pummelo【Citrus gradis(L.)Osbeck】Exhibits Antioxidnt Ability
Min-Fu Hsu
Residual Stress-Strain Relationship for Concrete after Exposure to High Temperature
Wei-Chou Hsu
A Novel Dilute Antimony Channel In0.2Ga0.8AsSb/GaAs HEMT
Jhing-Fa Wang
A Hybrid Algorithm with Artifact Detection Mechanism for Region Filling after Object Removal from a Digital Photograph
Article Digest
Chi-Chuan Hwang
Softening phenomena of single-walled carbon nanotubes at higher temperature
Wenli Tsou
Applying a Multimedia Storytelling Website in Foreign Language Learning
F.-Z. Shaw
Plastic changes of the primary somatosensory cortex during sleep
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NCKU among the World Best Design Universities
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Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Social Sciences Building was Held on October 14th 2007 : A Harmonious Integration of Social Sciences, Biomedicine and Engineering Sciences

To build a home for the College of Social Sciences, National Cheng Kung University invested 320,840,000 NTD in the construction of the Social Sciences Building, which has one basement and 8 stories. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on Sep. 14th and the construction is planned to be completed in January 2010. President Michael M.C. Lai expressed appreciation for Former President Chiang Kao and his team’s effort to make the dream a reality. The long-anticipated groundbreaking of this building marked the milestone for the school.

The groundbreaking ceremony was conducted by President Lai and many senior school officials were present, including SVP Hwung-Hweng Hwung, SVP Da Hsuan Feng, Jenn-Yeu Chen (Dean of the College of Social Sciences), Jing-Wen Chen (Dean of the Office of General Affairs), Chyi-Her Lin (Dean of the Medical College), Jyh-Hong Chen (Superintendent of NCKU Hospital) and so on. Many distinguished guests also joined the ceremony, including Tainan City Mayor Tain-Tsair Hsu, Former Minister of Education Dr. Ovid J.L. Tzeng, Da-Yang Lin (Chief Justice Of Taiwan High Court, Tainan Branch Court) and Chen-Shan Li (Justice of the Constitutional Court, Judicial Yuan), etc. They all gave the best wishes to NCKU.

President Lai believes that social sciences are an indispensable discipline for a comprehensive university. It is a study of observing and explaining human behaviors with scientific approaches. That is an important realm for NCKU to further explore. However, the construction of the building is only the beginning of the hardware. To facilitate the development of social sciences in the future, more softwares will be needed, meaning the recruitment of social scientists. President Lai expected that the College would make full use of the school’s resources and collaborate with different disciplines such as biomedicine, math and science, engineering and liberal arts.
Dean Jenn-Yeu Chen (College of Social Sciences) first showed his appreciation to the officials from the Ministry of Education, the elite of social sciences, the past and present school presidents and many fellows for their support for the development of the College. The groundbreaking ceremony happened to mark the 10th anniversary of the College, which he considered a remarkable milestone in the history of the College and NCKU. He promised to devote every effort to make NCKU and Tainan City citizens proud of the College.

Dean Chen also added that the College was established later than the other colleges at NCKU and it was very short of resources. Nevertheless, they offer the most courses in general education and sustain every course run by the Center for Teacher Education, plus many courses run by the College of Engineering and the College of Management. They have also had extraordinary performance in research. For example, the College has published 30 SCI/SSCI journal papers and about 10 TSSCI journal papers in 2007. The number of the projects funded by NSC has soared. In addition, there is one Wu Ta-You Memorial Award winner, two Outstanding Research Award winners and one Junior Research Investigators Award winner.

Every department in the College will play a professional and active role in the counseling for the public departments and more social organizations. Besides, the College also started the courses and research on environmental pollution and protection this year, in an attempt to make the faculty and students of the College aware of the environmental problems in Tainan and the local social issues can be integrated into the teaching of social sciences. In addition to those environmental problems, the needs of the elderly have been put among the highest priority.

NCKU Social Sciences Building is located in Li-Hsing Campus (on the east side of the old Japanese Hospital of Army). It is an RC building with 8 stories and one basement, and the total floor area is 16759.03 square meters (approx. 5,070 pings). There will be 60 spots in the car park. The total cost of the construction is 320,840,000 NTD. The construction is planned to be completed in January 2010.

The College of Social Sciences was formally established in 1997, but it has been sharing part of the east wing of Yun-Ping Building. This temporal arrangement is insufficient and the space is separated. The former President Kao therefore decided to seek funds from the Ministry of Education (MOE) for the construction of this building. However, MOE failed to fund this proposal. The school has to plan their own budget for it. The Social Sciences Building will be home to the Departments of Political Science, Economics and Law and the Institutes of Political Economy, Education, Legal Sciences and Cognitive Science and the Department of Psychology yet to be established in the future.