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Volume 1 Issue 9 - October 19, 2007
Wai Fah Chen
My Life’s Journey
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Jenn-Yeu Chen
How do We Talk? A Close Look into the Intricacies of the Word Production Factory
Wen-Chau Liu
A Novel Pt/In0.52Al0.48As Schottky Diode-Type Hydrogen Sensor
Chen-Feng You
Tracing Fresh Water Plume after Typhoon by High Precision Sr Isotopic Composition in the Kao-Ping Estuary, Southern Taiwan
Hsin Hsin Chang
Technical and Management Perceptions of Enterprise Information System Importance, Implementation, and Benefits
Juei-Tang Cheng
Novel mechanism for plasma glucose-lowering action of metformin in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
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Ching-yu Hsieh
Japan mania and Japanese loanwords in Taiwan Mandarin: Lexical structure and social discourse
Hsien-Hung Wei
Rectified Elongational Streaming Due to Asymmetric Electro-osmosis Induced by High-Frequency AC Polarization
J. C. Andy Huang
Introduction of 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics: The Giant Magnetoresistance Effect
Harold Szu
An After-thought of 2007 Nobel Prizes: Life-Long Learning ; “Me-Too” versus “Creative Me-Too”
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Reflections of an Academic
Professor Wai-Fah Chen
University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

Dr Wai-Fah Chen a Chinese-born American academic and widely recognized structural engineering specialist in the field of mechanics, materials, and computing has certainly led a fascinating life. A well-respected leader in the field of plasticity, structural stability, and structural steel design over the past half-century, he has made major contributions to introduce the mathematical theory of plasticity to civil engineering practice, especially in the application of limit analysis methods to the geotechnical engineering fi eld. Having headed the engineering departments at the University of Hawaii and Purdue University, Chen is a widely cited author and the recipient of several national engineering awards, including the 1990 Shortridge Hardesty Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers and the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Institute of Steel Construction.

This book traces the life journey and reflections of Dr Chen. It presents a remarkable opportunity to understand his personal history and cultural passions: his struggle to achieve the American dream, his life as an eyewitness to the rise of China, and his career path to establish a solid engineering reputation. Presenting his scientific achievements spanning the last 40 years of his career, readers will thus be privy to his personal thoughts, experiences, and perspectives on these events.

In 1955 I entered Civil Engineering Department of NCKU. At the time, Taiwan was at a crossroads; land reform and economical development were the focus of the government, a top priority for the regime survival. With an infusion of American aids, educational reform followed; and higher education became very much Americanized.
Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana was selected as the counterpart by the US State Department for NCKU. Purdue served as our role model for curriculum reform, teacher training, and re-education. Many of the existing faculty members were sent to Purdue for advanced degrees. Several Purdue faculty members came to NCKU to teach a variety of courses and also guided the top administrators for the university system reform.

Who could predict that, 20 years later, I would become a faculty member at Purdue, promoted steadily to the Head of Structural Engineering in 1980, and became the first George E. Goodwin Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering in the School of Civil Engineering ever in 1992?

My profession has always made me a constant NCKU watcher, and I feel that NCKU’s way of teaching and research has been a success and has produced advanced and experienced students who later became leaders in education, industry, and the armed services and government.

“MY LIFE'S JOURNEY: Reflections of an Academic” is a book that traces my life journey and reflections: my struggle to achieve the American dream, my life as an eyewitness to the rise of China, and my career path to establish a solid engineering reputation. I hope my NCKU colleagues, friends and students will enjoy the reading. I am sure the alumni of NCKU will be very much interested in the reflections of my life’s journey in which NCKU played a very important part of my life and career.

A brief introduction for this book by the publisher, World Scientific Publishing Co. is presented below. For more information, please visit the following web site about the book.
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