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Volume 1 Issue 5 - September 21, 2007
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Wen-Long Hsu Encourages the NCKU Freshmen to Be Joyful People
2007 NCKU Outstanding Alumni Award Just Released
NCKU Excellent Award on University-Industry Collaboration Is Released. Winners Are Hwung-Hweng Hwung and Hua-Lin Wu
Aaron Ciechanover
Education revolution needed
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Studying Abroad Is a Reality at NCKU
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A New Page of Higher Education in Taiwan
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Chang Kao-ping
Northern Song Dynasty’s Meta-poetry and Song Dynasty’s Poetics
Chang Yu chuan
Simplified Hepatic Resection With the Use of a Chang’s Needle
Chiu Yu-Hsien et al
Joint Optimization of Word Alignment and Epenthesis Generation for Chinese to Taiwanese Sign Synthesis
Wu Hua lin
Technical transfer of National Cheng Kung University biotechnology R&D result - Research and development of angiogenic proteins
Lien Kang-Yi
Integrated Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Systems for Virus Detection
Lee Ching-Ting
Electroluminescence emission of crystalline silicon nanoclusters embedded in silicon nitride matrices
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Wen-Long Hsu Encourages the NCKU Freshmen to Be Joyful People
Wen-Long Hsu (right), the founder of Chi Mei Corporation and NCKU president Michael M.C. Lai (left) played violin duets at the orientation session. Hsu encouraged the freshmen to be happy people.
“I failed to be admitted to Tainan First Senior High School three times, so my dad called me ‘dummy’, but I still worked hard and resolved to be a happy worker,” said Wen-Long Hsu, the founder of Chi Mei Corporation. Hsu attended the orientation session on the 17th and he took himself as an example to encourage the NCKU freshmen to be joyful people.

That afternoon, Hsu was invited by NCKU president Michael M.C. Lai to give a talk to the freshmen at the orientation session. Hsu said that neither his family nor education background was impressive. He failed to get in Tainan First Senior High School three times, so his father rebuked him and called him “dummy”. He felt that life was hopeless then.
He believed that diligence could make up for his disadvantages, so he resolved to work hard, pursuit a wonderful life and stay happy even as a worker. While he was not at work, he liked to spend time reading, listening to music, painting, and fishing. These habits have become part of his life now and they make him happy.

Maybe this kind of lifestyle was only the reflection of the needs of his heart, he said, and not everyone would like that, because everyone had their own gifts and talents. “As long as you go with your talents, good or bad, you will find your way,” said Hsu.

However, he said that it did not mean that scores mattered no more. It meant that whatever we do, do not be affected by any exterior factors. Every job is unique job. We have to treat ourselves delightfully and be happy people. Like himself, he could not even get into a good high school. Regardless of his great success now, he was at least a joyful person back then.

Hsu told all the freshmen that “happiness is determined by our mind and conceptions, come what may. We have to stay optimistic and look on the bright side of life.” He also invited those freshmen to join Chi Mei Corporation after they graduate and work together for the prosperity of Taiwan.

The session was concluded with two violin duets by Hsu and Michael M.C. Lai. They played Wings of Songs, The Sadness in the Moonlit Night and Home Sweet Home in response to the audience’s passionate request. President Lai also reminded the freshmen not to care solely about their own professions and ignore the importance of crossdisciplinary learning, cultivation of love for humanistics and art, an international vision and concern for the society.