Volume 6 Issue 5 - November 7, 2008

Research Express@NCKU Nov. 7 ~ Nov. 13, 2008


Opportunities from NCKU
  • “Spring semester 2009 NCKU Application of Admission for International Students” is now available
  • With the proclaimed aim of globalization and internationalization in academic institutions, higher education in Taiwan is reverberated with efforts to be connected with the world.

    National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) is currently promoting the recruitment of international students to raise our international profile. By doing so, NCKU hopes to expand its global vision and develop cross-cultural interactions for students and faculty in the University. With the university’s efforts, the number of students grew from 134 people in 2005 academic year, and then 272 people in 2006 academic year. Currently, there are 408 degree seeking students from 49 countries at our University, statistically placing us as one of the top three universities in Taiwan with a growing international student population.

    Certain master’s and doctoral programs are available for spring semester 2009. NCKU is one of few universities in Taiwan that is currently accepting new students during the Spring Term. “Spring semester 2009 NCKU Application of Admission for International Students” is now available ( http://www.ncku.edu.tw/en/). Applications are accepted from July 1 to October 24. Your assistance in passing along this information would be greatly appreciated.

    Office of International Affairs, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

Opportunities from Others
  • Elite Project
    The reason that the NSC uses the name “Po Lo” for ” Elite Project”in English to designate the program is highly symbolic. Elites were a legendary figure who is well-known for his abilities to spot and recognize “horses of one thousand miles” (excellent horses that can run far and fast). The Elite Project is meant to recognize and recruit Taiwan’s “best and the brightest” abroad who are capable of transferring new technologies to Taiwan’s industries. On the other hand, those who are invited back to Taiwan would hope to meet the Po Los who can recognize and appreciate their forte and expertise.

    The project recruits primarily through the NSC’s Science-technology Division attached to Taiwan’s official mission overseas (usually under the name of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office), which identifies and recommends the potential candidates to apply. The evaluation committee set up by NARL would then screen and select the applicants. Overseas senior professionals specialized in the following key fields are given precedence by the recruitment office.1) Basic sciences, 2) biomedical science and technology, 3) image displays, 4) digital contents,5) information and communication technology, 6) semiconductors, 7) energy science and technology, 8) environmental science, oceanography and natural disasters, 9) nano and advanced material science and technology, 10) key service industries, 11) international law and politics, and 12) humanities and arts.

    The Project invites 20-25 elite professionals annually and pays for their round-trip airfare and perdiem expenses for a duration ranging from one to three months. The NARL helps set up their visits to local agencies. Through their lectures, seminars, short-term courses or joint research endeavors, the invitees can thus demonstrate their expertise and speciality, and share their experience in problem solving and managerial know how with the local audiences. Such kinds of interactions facilitate possible follow-up collaboration between the invitees and local organizations.

    For more information, please visit: http://elite.narl.org.tw/clientQueryAction.do?method=queryIntro&type=1
  • Travel Fund Provided for All Poster-Presenters
    39th NIPS International Symposium & 7th OIB Symposium
    Frontiers of Biological Imaging
    Synergy of the Advanced Techniques
    November 10-13, 2008
    Okazaki, Japan
    Deadline for post-presenters: October 15th , 2008

    For more information, please visit: http://www.nips.ac.jp/39symposium/
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