Volume 1 Issue 3 - September 7, 2007

Research Express@NCKU        Sep 7~13, 2007

Looking for the King of Ideas: NCKU-Mektec Cup Originality Contest Is Been Accepting Projects. The First Prize 100,000 NTD Is Waiting for You

Originality is the drive for competitiveness! The 3rd NCKU-Mektec Cup Originality Contest, as renowned as the Golden Silicon Awards by Macronix, intends to unlock the students´ creativity; cultivate the teamwork spirit. The deadline is before October 5th. Every NCKU student is welcome to participate as an individual or a team and each individual or team is allowed to submit at most two projects. The winner will receive a prize from 10,000 NTD to 100,000 NTD. Register and submit your project to the Academic Services Division, National Cheng Kung University at No.1, University Road, Tainan City 701. For application form and more information, please go to http://www.ncku.edu.tw/~acadserv/chinese/mektek/homepage.html
or contact Ms. Chi-Jung Wu at 06-275-7575 # 50177

Opportunities from National Science Council

  • NSC call for International Collaborative Projects on Popular Science Educative Multimedia / Programs. University teachers and media producers in Taiwan or abroad are welcome to organize a team to participate. LOI and project abstracts must be submitted by September 18th, 2007. Deadline for full proposal submission are accepted October 31st.
  • The Office of Bird Flu and Influenza calls for proposals for Bird Flu and Influenza Research Projects. The deadline for submissions is October 1st, 2007.
  • National Science and Technology Program for System-on-Chip calls for embedded system projects. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 28th, 2007.
  • The NSC Department of Life Sciences calls for projects for the development of animal experiment models. The deadline is Sept. 30th.
  • National Science and Technology Program for e-Learning calls for projects. The deadline is Sept. 29th.
  • National Science and Technology Program for e-Learning calls for Public Science Education projects. The submission period is from Sept. 1st to Sept. 15th.
  • Aboriginal-related research projects conducted by aboriginal researchers are wanted. The deadline is Sept. 14th.
  • 2007 Defense Technology Cooperative Research Program calls for proposals. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 10th.
  • Annual Postdoctoral Researchers Reimbursement Program calls for projects. The deadline is Sept. 15th.
  • Users of expensive equipment should pay 10% of the user´s fee in cash by Sept. 30th. Starting from October 1st, if the payment is not yet deposited, ALL the active research projects shall be locked for the usage of expensive equipment in the system.
  • Sponsored by the EU, the 2008 HERCULES (Higher European Research Course for Users of Large Experimental Systems) holds by France is open to signing up. For more information, please go to http://hercules.grenoble.cnrs.fr.)
  • Research Experience for Science Teachers (REST) Program is now open to public/ private university teachers and public research institutes. We are calling for research projects covering one of the following subjects, neurology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy technology, microelectronic, photonics, communication technology, space, astronomy, marine technology. The deadline is Oct. 15th.
  • Multinational Researchers Exchange Program is to support the mutual visits between researchers from Taiwan and other countries. The traveling and living expenses will be reimbursed. You may send the graduate, doctoral students or postdoctoral researchers from your institute to participate in an overseas workshop. Applications are now being accepted.
  • Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Writing Program has now been accepting applications.
  • Exhibition: “2007 Taiwan´s Amazing Transformation in Science and Technology" will be exhibited in National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall from August 3rd to Sept. 23rd.
  • Technology for Gender Study Program calls for projects. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 17th, 2007, by 5pm.
  • The selection of 2007 Outstanding Industry- University Cooperative Award has begun. The deadline is Sept. 14th.
  • Submission period for Elite Project is from Sept. 6th to 18th. The second issue of Digital Content Industry-University Research Project has begun. The submission period is from July 9th to Sept. 10th, 2007. Taiwan Society Changes Survey calls for new and modified questions for the fourth survey in No.5 issue. Submission period is before August 31st, 2007. Survey topics include “Mass Communication" and “Culture and Globalization." Humanities and Social Sciences Books Program calls for projects. The deadline for submissions is August 31st. Overseas Research Program for postdoctoral and clinical medical researchers is now available from the following institutes, The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA), The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle, Washington), California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA), Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX), the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX), Georgia Centers for Advanced Telecommunications Technology (Atlanta, Georgia). Applications are now being accepted. Only three researchers every year from the aforementioned institutes can be sponsored.

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