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Sun, Chuan-Wen and Kao, Chia Chuen, Professors Emeritus of NCKU, receive Freundschaftsmedaille.
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German Institute Taipei awarded Freundschaftsmedaille (Friendship Medal) to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sun, Chuan-Wen, Professor Emeritus, Department of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kao, Chia Chuen, Professor Emeritus, Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, in the annual meeting of Association of DAAD-Friends in Taiwan …

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NCKU Introduces Smart Healthcare, Raises Efficiency of Clinical Inspection of the Novel Coronavirus
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The second part integrates research results from the NCKU AI Innovation Research Center and the Capstone Plan into the capacity of NCKU smart healthcare to automate medical records. Traditional pen-and-paper inputting of data or orally inquiring of the patient's medical history both increase the infection risk of medical personnel due to proximity with patients. Automating medical records allows …

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Marine Biology and Cetacean Research Center Does Its Best to Preserve the Blue Whale’s Skeleton
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Cleaning bones and getting rid of rotten meat of a blue whale, the largest animal around the world, Marine Biology and Cetacean Research Center (MBCRC), National Cheng Kung University, is now carrying out an unprecedented mission of Taiwan. Floating on the ocean, the carcass of a blue whale was stranded on Taitung’s seashore in January, 2020. According to the necropsy, the main structure …

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