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Teaching Aerial Photography in Rural Schools: Wen-yu Su’s Project “Hometown From Above” Expects More Attention
NCKU Press Center

Influence of Chi Po-lin’s “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above” is ongoing and has inspired primary and secondary school students from the rural areas. In 2017, Professor Wen-yu Su of Dept. CSIE, NCKU, launched the rural children aerial filming project, “Hometown From Above.” The result presentation ceremony was held in Gezhi Hall in December 23rd to show these children’s achievement of telling …

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Nobel Peace Prize International Forum Held in NCKU
NCKU Press Center

Messaoud Romdhani, one of the members of the Nobel-winning Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, came to NCKU to give a speech about the hope and challenge which are faced by Tunisian Youth and share the experience of the democratization of Tunisia.

The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet is a group of four organizations, including the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), The Tunisian …

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NCKU Receives Donation of ¥49.39 Million as Memorial Scholarship for Prof. Iso Momose and Ms. Miyoko Izumi
NCKU Press Center

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) President Huey-Jen Jenny Su received a donation of 49.39 million yen from Mr. Kohei and Mr. Seiji Izumi on September 9 as a memorial scholarship for their grandfather, Professor Iso Momose, and their mother, Ms. Miyoko Izumi. They also jointly planted a tree beside the NCKU Museum to commemorate the father and daughter.

Professor Iso Momose started his …

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