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NCKU Receives Donation of ¥49.39 Million as Memorial Scholarship for Prof. Iso Momose and Ms. Miyoko Izumi
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National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) President Huey-Jen Jenny Su received a donation of 49.39 million yen from Mr. Kohei and Mr. Seiji Izumi on September 9 as a memorial scholarship for their grandfather, Professor Iso Momose, and their mother, Ms. Miyoko Izumi. They also jointly planted a tree beside the NCKU Museum to commemorate the father and daughter.

Professor Iso Momose started his academic career in 1932 at the Tainan Technical College (TTC, today’s NCKU), specializing in organic chemistry. After World WarⅡ, he continued his teaching and research at TTC until he was repatriated to Japan with his family in 1947. His health worsened in 1985 and he passed away four years later at the age of 87.

Ms. Miyoko Izumi, born in Taiwan, passed away in 2015. In 2005 she wrote a will donating half of her property to NCKU as a scholarship in the name of her father and herself.

Professor Momose was one of the first faculty members at NCKU. Among the earliest academic publications that have been found at NCKU, 16 of the 18 papers are co-authored by Professor Momose. “It shows not only Professor Momose’s achievements, but also one of the important historic tracks of NCKU as a research-oriented university,” said President Su.

President Su pointed out that Ms. Izumi was fortunate to complete her higher education during the post-war hardship due to her father’s insight, which inspired her to donate the scholarship.

Mr. Kohei Izumi gave an emotional speech and shed tears at the ceremony. He said although he hardly had the chance to see his mother during her last 10 years, he felt he reunited with her in the present moment.

Ms. Izumi left a letter to her sons. The letter says, “I sincerely believe that the dead can be reborn in the memory of the living. I hope that through my donation of the scholarship that my father’s soul could come back to the NCKU campus whenever the name of Iso Momose flashes through the minds of the students, so that he could continue his research on organic chemistry. Thus, I will die with no regret.”

NCKU will host memorial activities for Professor Momose in the future, including documentary exhibitions and scholarship awarding ceremonies. The scholarship will benefit the students of the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Chemistry.
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