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National Cheng Kung University Commemorates Peace Treaty between Koxinga (Cheng Ch'eng-kung, 1624-1662) and the Dutch Government Signed at Castle Zeelandia on February 1, 1662

On January 25th, 1662, Koxinga's troop attacked the Dutch who were colonizing Tayoan (大員, now Anping "安平" of Tainan City). About 2,500 bombs were fired at Fort Utrecht and Fort Zeelandia. After this decisive battle, Koxinga and the Dutch signed a peace treaty, the first official international treaty in the history of Taiwan.

In the first Article, it was emphasized that …

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Urgent Policy Reform Discussed in National Talent Development Conference

Without talents, Taiwan is doomed to lose its only competitive edge. In the ever-escalating “talent wars,” confronted with audacious moves of tempting salary and benefits package offered by Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China, Taiwan is drained severely of its best brains, especially in the social sciences and humanities, followed by the natural sciences and engineering disciplines. How to …

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