Volume 7 Issue 7 - February 20, 2009
“Love is Actually All Around…”: 2009 NCKU Parents Day

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On February 15th, 2009, the day after Valentine’s Day and before the 2009 NCKU School Commencement Day, on the beautiful Sunday afternoon in early spring, in the Cheng-Shin Hall on Cheng Kuo Campus at NCKU, President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai and administration executives held a panel discussion with NCKU students’ parents on various educational issues in the 2009 NCKU Parents Day event. 

It was fair and on the morning many families had toured around NCKU campus. The children studying at NCKU guided their family and introduced their departments and institutes to them. The green and flower blossoming scene was impressive, too. At 2 P.M. when the 2009 Parents Day discussion started, it was a full house in Cheng-Shin Hall. The in-depth, open and friendly exchange of ideas made the occasion resemble a big family meeting. The parents felt appreciated and gained in-depth understanding of NCKU’s administrative and academic policies and measures. The parents expressed their gratitude for NCKU’s considerate arrangement of this event.

The focus of this discussion was the financial aids provided for students impacted by this economic recession. President Lai repeated NCKU’s determination and comprehensive measures to help students continue their study in difficult times. The opportunities include: scholarships, financial aids and work study jobs, etc. Any student who requires help should contact the offices in charge to acquire the help they need immediately.

Helen Chang  The Banyan Editorial Office
Photo from News Center, NCKU
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