Volume 5 Issue 9 - September 26, 2008
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NCKU Has Three Recipients of the 2008 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award: Dr. Tzer-Ming Lee, Dr. Jeng-Fang Chen, and Dr. Po-See Chen

The National Science Council has announced the recipients of the 2008 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award. NCKU has three recipients: Dr. Tzer-Ming Lee, associate professor of the Department of Dentistry and Institute of Oral Medicine; Dr. Jeng-Fang Chen, assistant professor of the Department of Accountancy; and Dr. Po-See Chen, attending psychiatrist of the Department of Psychiatry, NCKU Medical College and Hospital. ...


E-mail Interview:Recipient of the 2008 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, Dr. Jeng-Fang Chen, Assistant Professor, Department of Accountancy

1.Please tell us something about the source of satisfaction in your work.
A: Looking back, during the past few years of doing research and teaching, I am fortunate to have met teachers helping me to grow beyond my potential.

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