Volume 5 Issue 2 - July 4, 2008
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Research Express@NCKU        July 4~ July 10, 2008

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World Class Leading Scholars Gathered at NCKU for APCOT 2008

Hosted by Dr. Michael Ming-Chiao Lai, NCKU president and honorary chair of APCOT 2008, the 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Transducers and Micro-Nano Technology 2008 inaugurated at 8:30 A.M on June 23rd in TAYIH Landis Hotel, Tainan. This is the first time that Taiwan hosts this conference since its beginning in 2002. ...


Dr. Michael Ming-Chiao Lai, NCKU President, Visited China Steel Corporation to Impart NCKU Experiences

To sustain intellectual development with business philosophy has long been a desirable goal for the academia. On June 24, led by Dr. Michael Ming-Chiao Lai (賴明詔) , a group of nine members from NCKU faculty visited China Steel Corporation (CSC) ...

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