Commentary Archive
≡ Issue 10 ≡
  1. World Digital Library Offers Cultural Treasures from Around Globe
    Library of Congress, UNESCO, other partners cooperate on ambitious project

    Louise Fenner
≡ Issue 9 ≡
  1. Report of the Visit of University of Illinois System
    Yungnane Yang
≡ Issue 8 ≡
  1. The Rise of the Creative Class
    - High-tech creates roles for nimble thinkers and their diverse lifestyles -

    Richard Florida

  2. Not Just Semiconductors : Silicon Valley and the culture of innovation
    Ashlee Vance
≡ Issue 7 ≡
  1. Green growth in the Himalayas
    Maryann Bird

  2. Recycling of "Specialty Metals" Key to Boom in Clean-Tech Sector, From Solar and Wind Power to Fuel Cells and Energy Efficient Lighting
≡ Issue 6 ≡
  1. Physics and Health Issues in the 20th and 21st Centuries
    ROC Physical Society Annual Conference Banquet Speech

    Da Hsuan Feng
≡ Issue 5 ≡
  1. Networks of trust
    John Elkington

  2. Books: a stunning return to 2009
    Maryann Bird
≡ Issue 4 ≡
  1. Adopting Holistic Perspective to Prevent Engineering Failures
    Yungnane Yang

  2. Unveiling the Killing Nature of Death Penalty
    Chia-Wen Lee
≡ Issue 3 ≡
  1. Introductory Remarks on the Special Issue on NCKU EECS 2009 US Visit to Four Top-tier Universities
    Helen Chang

  2. Fusion of NCKU EECS and POLY-NYU in Brain Power and Resources:
    A Full Day of Productive Dialogue with Leadership of Polytechnic Institute of NYU

    Yonhua (Tommy) Tzeng

  3. Reconnection of Historical and Active Tie between EECS of NCKU and ECE and CS of Purdue University:
    One and Half Days of Productive Dialogues with Leadership and Scholars of Purdue University

    Yonhua (Tommy) Tzeng

  4. Establishing Collaboration of College of EECS of NCKU with College of Computing, School of ECE, and Nanotechnology Research Center of Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT):
    One Full Day of Productive Brainstorming with Leadership and Scholars of GIT

    Yonhua (Tommy) Tzeng

  5. Visit of NCKU Outstanding Alumnus, Professor Kang L. Wang and Friends at UCLA by Delegation of NCKU EECS
    Yonhua (Tommy) Tzeng
≡ Issue 2 ≡
  1. Academician Yujia Yang talks on the education reform
    Yujia Yang
≡ Issue 1 ≡
  1. World Cultural Preservation: A Growing Imperative

  2. Teaching India's Poorest, and Herself
    Andrzej Zwaniecki

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