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Research Express@NCKU Mar. 22 ~ Apr. 11, 2013


Predicting project approvals: A case of grants from the National Science Council of Taiwan
Chiang Kao

Project selection is an important task for organizations in achieving their missions using limited budgets and resources. Whether or not a project will be approved is also of primary concern to the applicants. This paper predicts whether a project will be approved for cases where the criteria for evaluating it are known while the scoring system is not. The idea is to construct a frontier function …

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A 100 W 5.1-Channel Digital Class-D Audio Amplifier With Single-Chip Design
Tai-Haur Kuo

A 100 W, 5.1-channel, single-chip, digital-input class-D audio amplifier with a low-voltage (LV) digital circuit and high-voltage (HV) switching power stage is designed for moderate-performance and cost-effective speaker systems. The LV portion, including multi-channel audio processors, delta-sigma modulators (DSMs), and pulse-width modulation (PWM) generators, is implemented with a standard CMOS …

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