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Research Express@NCKU Feb. 22 ~ Mar. 7, 2013


Precisely sized separation of multiple particles based on the dielectrophoresis gradient in the z-direction
Hsien-Chang Chang

We present a new 3D dielectrophoresis-field-flow fraction (DEP-FFF) concept to achieve precise separation of multiple particles by using AC DEP force gradient in the z-direction, as shown in Fig.1. The interlaced electrode array was placed at the upstream of the microchannel, which not only focused the particles into a single particle stream to be at the same starting position for further …

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Compact Dynamic-Performance-Improved Current-Steering DAC with Random Rotation-Based Binary-Weighted Selection
Tai-Haur Kuo

Conventional binary-weighted current-steering DACs are generally operated with current groups where each group is binary-weighted and formed with predetermined members of a unit current-source array. This paper proposes a random rotation-based binary-weighted selection (RRBS) that efficiently performs dynamic-element matching (DEM) by randomly rotating the sequence of these units to form …

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