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Research Express@NCKU Dec. 28, 2012 ~ Jan. 10, 2013


The combined effects of continuous passive motion treatment and acellular PLGA implants on osteochondral regeneration in the rabbit
Ming-Long Yeh

We investigated the active role of clinical rehabilitation in osteochondral regeneration using continuous passive motion (CPM) treatment together with acellular PLGA implants. CPM treatment was performed and compared with immobilization (Imm) treatment and intermittent active motion (IAM) treatment upon full-thickness osteochondral defects either with or without an PLGA implant in the …

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Using local knowledge in case of emergencies
Yung-nane Yang

No sooner had the torrential rains of last week stopped than we heard the news that Tropical Storm Talim was approaching Taiwan.

On Monday, Minister of the Interior Lee Hong-yuan (李鴻源) broached the idea of drawing local disaster maps that would show residents how best to evacuate affected areas.

The heads of the Jiasian (甲仙) and Anli (安里) neighborhoods in Greater Kaohsiung agreed that …

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