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Research Express@NCKU Jul. 2 ~ Jul. 8, 2010


Green growth in the Himalayas
Maryann Bird

In the cold desert valleys of Ladakh, simple greenhouses provide fresh vegetables year round, writes Maryann Bird. For its innovative work in India, France's GERES has won an Ashden Award for sustainability.

When winter comes and the temperatures plummet to -25º Celsius in Ladakh, in the dry, remote eastern corner of Jammu and Kashmir, the price of vegetables triples. …

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Recycling of "Specialty Metals" Key to Boom in Clean-Tech Sector, From Solar and Wind Power to Fuel Cells and Energy Efficient Lighting

Big Energy and Greenhouse Gas Savings Also Possible from Upping Recycling Rates of Iron and Copper, Says New UN Environment Report

New York, 13 May 2010 - Moving the global economy towards environmentally-friendly, clean technologies will increasingly hinge on rapid improvements in the recycling rates of so called "high-tech" specialty metals like lithium, neodymium and gallium. …

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