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Research Express@NCKU Jun. 18 ~ Jun. 24, 2010


Networks of trust
John Elkington

Social media are changing the way businesses and consumers talk to each other, not least on issues of corporate sustainability, say John Elkington and Alex Hammer.

"Harnessing the opportunities requires companies to engage in genuinely honest, open and, perhaps, difficult dialogue, not simply to use these channels to broadcast messages."

“Open is good, closed is bad.” It isn't exactly the sentiment …

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Books: a stunning return to 2009
Maryann Bird

“I want my grandchildren to see our land as it is: beautiful, fresh, full of berries and deer,” a 52-year-old Nenets tribeswoman called Valentina tells Denis Sinyakov, a Reuters photographer.

Last August, Sinyakov journeyed 2,000 kilometres from his base in Moscow to Russia's Yamal peninsula, above the Arctic Circle, to document the reindeer-herding lives of Valentina and other Nenets people. …

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