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Green Economy Takes Centre Stage at UNEP 2010 Champions of the Earth Awards
United Nations Environment Programme News Centre

Seoul (Republic of Korea), 22 April 2010 - The 2010 Champions of the Earth, the United Nations' highest awards for environmental leadership, were announced today.

The six winners, drawn from the worlds of government, science, business and entertainment, each exemplify how action, inspiration, personal commitment and creativity can catalyze a transition to a low carbon, …

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Planting 1 Million Trees
A discussion with Gashaw Tahir of the Greenland Development Foundation

Brandon Bloch

Gashaw Tahir is an American citizen born in Ethiopia. He started the Greenland Development Foundation (GDF) as an effort to plant 1 million trees in his native country, with the objective of revitalizing natural resources and providing opportunity and employment to those who helped with the effort. …

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The Greening of U.S. Architecture: Building a Sustainable Future
Students are promoting the eco-design trend, say educators

Lauren Monsen

Washington — With many residential and corporate clients now requesting an environmentally friendly approach to their design needs, so-called “green architecture” has become an increasingly hot commodity, and a number of U.S. universities have responded by developing sustainable-design courses for their architecture programs. …

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