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Research Express@NCKU Mar. 19 ~ Mar. 25, 2010


Let the Ministry of Education Serve Education
Yue-Dian Hsu

Recently, the focal point of domestic educational debates is “Pursuing the natural science track will yield better return on investment,” which exposes the imprinted materialism in Taiwan's educational policy.   

The Ministry of Education (M.O.E.) always centers on human resource concerns when making educational policy, especially in setting quota for academic and vocational high schools, or …

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Two Hours of Bewilderment in the Taiwan High Speed Rail Car after the Jiasian Earthquake
Yungnane Yang

I was stuck in the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) car for two hours after the Jiasian Earthquake hit Taiwan on the morning of March 4th.

During the “lengthy” two hours, the passengers were left in bewilderment and panic because no clue was given. What the passengers needed to know was: WHY the sudden stop? Though the THSR staff had made several brief announcement broadcasts, …

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