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Research Express@NCKU Mar. 5 ~ Mar. 11, 2010


What is the Cultural Cost of Cultural Creativity Enterprises?
Yue-Dian Hsu

The media industry, one of the sectors that the Cultural Creativity Enterprises Development Law is designated to promote, is facing protests from residents in Wanhua District (Wanhua is Báng-kah, rendered as “Monga” in Taiwanese) in Taipei, owing to their once dominant “radical” gangster culture being vividly depicted in the movie “Monga.” They worried that the movie's …

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A Surprise from Berlin – Duo Dong-West
The Big Finale for 2009 NCKU Environment and Art Festival

Chi Wang

NCKU Art Center held the 10th Art Festival from the summer of 2009. Inaugurated with the installation of Master Ju Ming's sculpture “Jumping,” more artworks created by celebrated foreign and domestic artists and sculptors were installed on NCKU campus. This art festival, themed on “Dialogues between Generations,” is a successor of the …

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