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Research Express@NCKU Feb. 12 ~ Feb. 25, 2010


The Joy of Physics Isn't in the Results, but in the Search Itself

I was asked recently what the Large Hadron Collider, the giant particle accelerator outside Geneva, is good for. After $10 billion and 15 years, the machine is ready to begin operations early next year, banging together protons in an effort to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang. Sure, there are new particles and abstract symmetries in the offing for those few who speak the language of quantum field theory. But what about the rest of us? …

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Where Next? A Charter for Climate Refugees

“A successful outcome of ongoing climate change negotiations matters for human rights. A new climate change agreement must be fair, balanced and sufficiently ambitious to be effective. Climate change is related not only to environmental factors but also to poverty, discrimination and inequalities – this is why climate change is a human rights issue”
Kyung-wha Kang, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, June 2009. …

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Toward sustainable security
Chris Abbott

For Asia and Australasia, a change in thinking could lead to an era of progress in developing a socially just, environmentally sustainable regional order, write Chris Abbott and Sophie Marsden.

As in much of the world, the current security discourse in Asia and Australasia is dominated by what might be called the “control paradigm”, based on the premise that insecurity can be controlledthrough military force or balance of power politics and containment. …

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