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Research Express@NCKU Aug. 28 ~ Sep. 3, 2009


NCKU in the 21st Century
Michael M. C. Lai

All the NCKU Alumni, Distinguished Guests and Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today, I came here with a little bit of heavy heart.  As you know, the southern Taiwan sustained heavy damage in the recent typhoon and atrocious rain.  Many villages are inundated, lives are lost and homes and roads are wiped out.  NCKU, being in the center of this storm, has escaped with relatively minor damages, but the …

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Bio-Tech Controversy in a Global Context: on the Establishment of the Taiwan Biobank
Hung-Bin Hsu

Since the human genome was decoded in 2003, some countries have been promoting the establishment of population-based biobanks. The advocates argue that to cross-analyze the biobank's genotypic data with medical information will help researchers to better understand the interaction between genes and the environment, which will significantly influence biomedical development and drug design …

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