Volume 9 Issue 9 - July 24, 2009 PDF

Research Express@NCKU Jul. 24 ~ Jul. 30, 2009


Introduction to the Public Policy Forum
Yungnane Yang

The Public Policy Forum was initiated with support from Vice President for Research and Development, Prof. Yonhua Tzeng, in the Banyan Research Express @NCKU, a weekly online bilingual newsletter advocated by President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai. But, what are the meanings of public policy forum? Public policy is defined as any activity related to public affairs, governments, and citizens. Therefore, ...

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Behind the City Light Gallery
Hsien-te Lin

The dazzling urban night views have become a showcase for economic affluence in many countries around the globe, which also serve as a catalyst for local sightseeing industry. However, since when has urban night illumination become a façade labor and a means to display political accomplishments? With light network, sparkling light, neon light, and laser light covering all streets, buildings and ...

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