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Research Express@NCKU Jul. 17 ~ Jul. 23, 2009


Introduction to the 3M Forum
Bei-Chang Yang

The name "3M Forum" is the brainchild of some members of the STM Center, which is a threefold concept: marginality, medicine, and modernity. Each of these words has rich implications and, when combined, they catalyze fascinating ideas. "Marginality" is a geographical fact, but also a psychological symbolization. Being marginal means preserving some untamed, unadorned wildness, with sighs of being ...

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On the Challenges of the World Environment Day
Tingfeng Wu

The World Environment Day initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has just passed on June 5th, 2009. Since its inception in 1972, more than 30 years has elapsed for the humans being (forced) to take environmental issues seriously. However, concerning the environmental protection movement, there is still a long march and the challenges are still tremendous. ...

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