Volume 7 Issue 7 - February 20, 2009
An Open Letter from SEVP Da Hsuan Feng to NCKU Students
Da Hsuan Feng

Senior Executive Vice President, National Cheng Kung University

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Dear NCKU students:

Ever since President Lai assumed the presidency of your university almost 2 years ago, you must have noticed a palpable push of his administration towards a culture of globalization, a culture which he and his team would like the students of NCKU to be fully cognizant of the coming and imminent challenges of our world in the 21st century. To accompany the push, I have been sending to you from time to time some of what I considered as important, memorable and profound articles and speeches written/delivered by notable men/women of the world. I hope that such actions of mine provided you with additional incentive to appreciate how the world was transforming and evolving.

Enclosed is another speech, a very special speech, even by the standard of speeches I previously sent to you. It is the inauguration speech of President Barack Hussain Obama, the 44th president of the United States, delivered at noon in Washington D.C. on the 20th of January of 2009.

I am confident that this speech will go down in history as one of the defining speeches of the 21st century, just as the defining speech of President Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg in the 19th century.

Indeed, Obama is the first US President, among the 44, that truly and inherently has Asia and Africa deep and profound connection holding the highest office of a country that is still very much European-centric. No American Presidents of the previous 43, who had orthogonal experiences compare to Obama, could or would make such an eclectic speech. Only Obama, who is absolutely comfortable in being worldly, can have the “audacity,” a word deployed by him in his book, could deliver. The speech is as sobering with historical understanding as it is courageous and forward looking.

The content of the speech encompasses the fundamental issues of 21st century globalization.

Undoubtedly, whether you are here from any corner of the world to study for a degree, or just spend a few months as visiting students, you are indeed one of, if not, the luckiest generations of NCKU students. I hope you have noticed that not only the education your university promoting and providing for you is inherently embedded with the aformentioned culture, but that you are in Taiwan at a time where becoming an integral part of the world community is self-evident and necessary. As students of one of the great universities of Taiwan, where I am sure leadership in the future not only in Taiwan but in Asia Pacific will be thrust upon you, responsibilities on your shoulders to make not only Asia Pacific better for mankind but for the world better for mankind, are indeed heavy and solemn. For this reason, when the time comes for you to assume the leadership role in the 21st century, I hope the essence of this speech will add to your intellectual wisdom and astuteness, and your arsenal of knowledge.

Sincerely yours,
Da Hsuan Feng
Senior Executive Vice President
National Cheng Kung University
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