Volume 7 Issue 7 - February 20, 2009
An Open Letter from President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai to All Senior NCKU Alumni and Friends
Michael Ming-Chiao Lai

President of National Cheng Kung University

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Dear alumni and friends:

The Lantern Festival has just passed and the spring flowers are blossoming. We are embraced by booming and prosperous sights and atmosphere! May you enjoy family bliss and fulfill all your dreams. 

Since last year, the global economy has been in a dire situation. As a member of the international society, Taiwan is under the influence too: many companies either cut employee salaries, impose holidays without pay, lay off employees or go out of business. It is not hard to imagine how severe the recession is. Here at National Cheng Kung University, according to the data of our students’ applications for study loans and various financial aids, there is an obvious increase in the number of students’ families affected by the recession. In the coming months, the industry in Taiwan might face even harder trials and tribulations.

As the President of NCKU, I feel as anxious as everyone else about this situation; hence I have directed all university offices to provide various assistances for students, including more scholarships and financial aids, work study jobs, and emergency financial assistance. I believe that providing help to students actively and timely equals to helping their families and the society.

Many NCKU alumni are swept by the economic tsunami. To support our alumni, we have planned coping strategies to aid those unemployed alumni to pass the hard time hand in hand. These strategies include: to provide employment information, upgrade training and education opportunities, increase slots for research assistants, post-doc and higher-level researchers in line with policies of Ministry of Education and National Science Council, to add industry-academia collaboration projects, and to encourage intellectual property development and business start-ups. In addition, we also try to accelerate construction schedules of facilities and buildings at NCKU to catalyze economy.

According to predictions done by various countries, this recession might still continue for a period of time. Moreover, in four months, the graduating students will enter the job market. About half of NCKU graduates will choose to start working (in recent years the average number of graduates is 5,000 annually). When the demand of the job market outnumbers the supply, there will come another high tide of unemployment. To prepare in advance, we need our successful alumni to provide employment opportunities and information for dissemination to junior alumni and help them start a career in warmth and care.

I suppose all alumni know that NCKU graduates have been regarded as the most favorite employees in the business world in Taiwan 10 years in a row, and all of us share this honor! To maintain this hard-earned reputation, it is essential that we embrace new blood and take in new vitality. To join forces and reach a new pinnacle, we need your timely sharing of employment opportunities and information for our alumni, friends, and graduating students who are about to enter the job market. NCKU will serve as a bridge for you to find pragmatic, enthusiastic, coordinate and creative new crew!

The heritage from generation to generation and mutual support among alumni are outstanding NCKU traditions. For whatever you can do, please upload the information to the following Employment Platform: http://career.adm.ncku.edu.tw/ . NCKU alumni, friends, and students can use this platform to exchange information. Alternatively, please send information to NCKU Alumni Association Center (Project Manager: Ms. Jong-Jong O, Tel: 06-2757575 ext 81302, e-mail: jjou@mail.ncku.edu.tw )

As the President of NCKU, it is my duty to help all alumni and students to triumph this crisis. Within the university, we are in active mobilization to help our students, and outside the university we hope our successful senior alumni and friends will make an effort and work together to get out of this ordeal.

I want to thank again for the care and assistance provided by NCKU alumni and friends. I believe that with the abundant resources, enthusiasm and united efforts, our junior alumni will clearly see the warm support and they will contribute to the alma mater and our nation in the future. I also want to call sincerely for all NCKU alumni and friends to help. No matter you need help or can provide help, please contact us. Let’s join our hearts and hands together to meet the challenge. I wish all of us will conquer the tribulation and reach all goals!

Michael Ming-Chiao Lai
National Cheng Kung University
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