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≡ Issue 6 ≡
  1. Wearable ultrasound device for diagnosis of sleep apnea
    Chih-Chung Huang

  2. Development of cutting knowledge base to enhance machine tool performance
    Yeau-Ren Jeng

  3. Innovative microbial technology applied to high-efficiency purification of livestock and industrial wastewater
    Chun-Yen Chen1*,Jo-Shu Chang2

  4. Artificial Intelligence for Customs Fraud Detection
    Cheng-Te Li, Yu-Che Tsai

  5. Effects of different types of retirement planning on the wellbeing of retired people in Taiwan
    Susan C. Hu1,2,*、Nuan-Ching Huang2、Wan-Chen Hsu2、Pin-Han Guo2
≡ Issue 3 ≡
  1. Dengue Virus Nonstructural Protein 1: A Pathogenic Factor and Therapeutic Target
    Trai-Ming Yeh

  2. Thermal Performance of Two-Phase Thermosyphon Loop in Rotating Thin Pad
    Shyy Woei Chang

  3. A Review of Semi-Analytical Numerical Methods for Laminated Composite and Multilayered Functionally Graded Elastic/Piezoelectric Plates and Shells
    Chih-Ping Wu

  4. Low Rank Approximation For Entangled Quantum Systems
    Matthew M. Lin

  5. Analysis of Suitable Operating Models for Charging Facilities of Electric Vehicles in Taiwan
    Hong-Tzer Yang
≡ Issue 2 ≡
  1. Ab initio Phase Stability and Electronic Conductivity of the Doped-Li4Ti5O12 Anode for Li-Ion Batteries
    Shih-Kang Lin

  2. The Development and Application of Space Weather Forecasting System
    Chia-Hung Chen

  3. An Examination of Age-Related Differences in Attentional Control by Systems Factorial Technology
    C.-T Yang

  4. A Population-Based Study on the Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Association with Temperature in Taiwan
    Chung-Yi Li

  5. 108 MOST Young Scholars Grant (Einstein Program):Potentials for Gut Microbiota Therapies in Alzheimer’s Disease
    Wei-Hsuan Hsu

  6. Dark Fermentative Hydrogen Production Using Macroalgae (Ulva sp.) as the Renewable Feedstock
    Jo-Shu Chang

  7. The Rise and Prospect of Ultra High Performance Concrete
    Chung-Chan Hung

  8. Research on Rare and Intractable Skin Diseases
    Chao-Kai Hsu

  9. Control of Multiferroic Orderings by Breaking the Spatial Symmetry
    Yi-Chun Chen
≡ Issue 1 ≡
  1. Synthesis of 2D Materials and Related Application
    Yu-Ze Chen

  2. An Alternative Proposal of Electronic and Consumer Plastics
    Yu Chi Chang

  3. An Explicit and Scene-Adapted Definition of Convex Self-Similarity Prior with Application to Unsupervised Sentinel-2 Super-Resolution
    Chia-Hsiang Lin

  4. Nanolaser
    Timothy Chou

  5. Increased Risk for Hypothyroidism Associated with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: a Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study
    How-Ran Guo

  6. Intelligent Cooperative Object Transportation for Multiple Omnidirectional Automated Guided Vehicles
    Yen-Chen Liu

  7. Generation of 3D Hepatic Multicellular Tumor Spheroids for Discovery of Novel Therapeutics
    Ting-Yuan Tu

  8. Material Design and Performance Investigation for Developing Advanced High-Energy-Density Rechargeable Batteries
    Sheng-Heng Chung

  9. To Investigate the Effects of 3'UTR Usage Switch and Its Regulator on Causing Resistance of Second-Generation Anti-Androgen Drug in Prostate Cancer
    Shih-Chieh Lin

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