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≡ Issue 10 ≡
  1. Advancement of enabling micro/nano-fluidics technology for biomedical applications
    Gwo-Bin Lee

  2. Research on Millimeter-wave Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) / UWB Communication Transceiver System and CMOS Single-Chip RFICs
    Huey-Ru Chuang

  3. Configuring AVM as a MES Component
    Fan-Tien Cheng

  4. Begin from Taiwan: Depicting the Risk Situations of Modern Society
    Chaochen Lin
≡ Issue 9 ≡
  1. Investigation of resistive switching mechanism and thermal stability of organic-based memory devices
    J. S. Chen

  2. Wind wave simulation based on WWM in Venice lagoon
    Tai-Wen Hsu

  3. Local Environmental Governance -- the An-Shun Plant Case
    Yungnane Yang

  4. The Research on an Evaluation Framework of Indicator System for a Liveable Urban District : Regeneration of Taiwanese Old Urban Centres
    Hsien-Hsin Cheng
≡ Issue 8 ≡
  1. Acquisition of stops in Taiwanese
    Li-mei Chen

  2. The Construction & Research of Multilingual Corpora
    Hui-chuan Lu

  3. Center of Neuroscience Research in the NCKU
    Po-Wu Gean

  4. Advanced study of plasmonic photonics
    Kuan-Ren Chen
≡ Issue 7 ≡
  1. Innovative Intensive Care Unit Family Service System
    -Take National Cheng Kung University Hospital as an Example

    Ding-Bang Luh

  2. Study on Historical Transition in East Asia:Gender, Body and Multiculture
    Wing-Sheung Cheng

  3. Nanovector platform for integrated anti-cancer delivery
    Wu-Chou Su

  4. Nano-Fabrication Based on Metal Direct Contact Transfer with Applications on New Opto-electronic Devices
    Y.-C. Lee
≡ Issue 6 ≡
  1. Case Development and Teaching Project for Taiwanese Corporations
    Yu-Hern Chang

  2. Improvement on NCKU's “Chinese Writing and Reading” Teaching Project
    Wei-yung Wang

  3. Amelioration of Experimental Arthritis Through Targeting Synovial Fibroblast Cytolysis by Telomerase-dependent Conditionally Replicating Adenovirus
    Chao-Liang Wu

  4. Nanoscale Fabrication and Characterization with Micro/Nano Probes
    Weng-Sing Hwang
≡ Issue 5 ≡
  1. Study and Integration of Creative Human-Centric Living Technologies
    Jar-Ferr Yang

  2. A Compilation and Research Project for Su Hsuieh-lin's Artifacts and Works
    Chang-ming Chen

  3. Does Inter-firm Network Matter? - The Case of Initial Public Offerings
    Shao-Chi Chang

  4. Spoonbill Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System
    Fei-Bin Hsiao
≡ Issue 4 ≡
  1. The acceptance and diffusion of the innovative smart phone use: A case study of a delivery service company in logistics
    Jengchung V. Chen

  2. Regional Culture Formation and Knowledge Production:
    A Comparative Study on Taiwanese and World Literature and Culture

    I-Ming Chien

  3. The NCKU-UW Cardiac Stem Cell Bioengineering Consortium
    Patrick C.H. Hsieh

  4. A Continuous High-throughput Bioparticle Sorter Based on 3D Traveling-wave Dielectrophoresis
    Hsien-Chang Chang
≡ Issue 3 ≡
  1. The Chinese Political Development in the Age of the Globalization — A Perspective from the Information and Communication Technologies
    Chin-fu Hung

  2. The Investigation, Reorganization and Research of East Asian Chinese Literature and Folklore
    Yi-Yuan Chen

  3. The Paradox of Transgressing Sexual Identities: Mapping the Micropolitics of Sexuality/Subjectivity in Ang Lee's Films
    Che-ming Yang

  4. Epigenetic silencing of SFRP5 is related to malignant phenotype and chemoresistance of ovarian cancer through Wnt signaling pathway
    Cheng-Yang Chou
≡ Issue 2 ≡
  1. Experimental study of clamping effects on the performances of a single proton exchange membrane fuel cell and a 10-cell stack
    Chih-Yung Wen

  2. Efficient decolorization of azo dye Reactive Black B involving aromatic fragment degradation in buffered Co2+/PMS oxidative processes with a ppb level dosage of Co2+-catalyst
    Yao-Hui Huang

  3. The Zeelandia Action Network for Medical Humanity
    Bei-Chang Yang

  4. Innovative Flood Management and Land Planning Strategies to Cope with Climate Change
    Pao-Shan Yu
≡ Issue 1 ≡
  1. Direct Fabrication of Hollow ZnO Nanotubes from the Electrospinning of Zn2+/Polyanions
    Changshu Kuo

  2. All-optical frequency conversion using nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers
    Sheng-Kwang Hwang

  3. The Symbol of Funeral Eating and Drinking, Implication and Enlightenment Functions―Take Book of Rites and Han Dynasty as Discourse Back Ground

  4. A statistical study of hard X-ray footpoint motions in large solar flares
    Ya-Hui Yang

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