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Nanophotonic Metasurface Optics for Comprehensive Control of Light Property and Application
Department of Photonics, College of Sciences, National Cheng Kung University
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Nanophotonic metasurface is capable of tailoring light attributes at a sub-wavelength resolution, and can be of great assistance for complex wavefront modulation and development of advanced integrated-optoelectronic systems. Our research group dedicates to realize a highly interdisciplinary platform which incorporates metasurface optics with novel materials such as 2D materials, active media, and quantum photon source for the applications of low-profile optical components, dynamic beam steering, reconfigurable focusing metalens, dispersion-engineered flat optics, and quantum emission control as well as investigation of light-induced processes at nano-scale.

Figure 1. Schematic for comprehensive control of light property and potential applications.

It’s my great honor to be award the “Yushan Young Scholar” supported by the Ministry of Education. I am so grateful for all the supports and helps from the Ministry of Education, MOST, NCKU, and Department of Photonics in NCKU. In the future, I will give full play to metasurface-related topics, in addition to making breakthroughs in the nanophotonics research fields, which will aid in achieving the NCKU’s development goals and more comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of NCKU over domestic and foreign institutes.
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